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  1. Umm...Ok? Uuurrrgghhh....(scratches head and looks around the room unsure) I'll pass
  2. Hey guys, this pop up thing keeps popping up and saying that I gotta run the chkdsk utility everytime I open Opera or Limewire or IE. I've already done it twice but it only fixed Limewire up. What else should I do? Run the damn chkdsk utility again?
  3. Your not the only one who's alone on Valentine's Day again Kitsune. I wish I was still with my now ex girlfriend till today :'( All my other friends seem to be having a blast. Oh well, at least it's not the end of the world (yet!)
  4. The sig loooks pretty awesome to me, except for that blank screen (Flat TV?) on the left there, makes the sig look a bit ordinary unless you intend to make it look ordinary though. I wonder who that handsome guy in the middle is?
  5. So, does that mean there's gonna be a mobile version of TGTAP??? Just wondering...
  6. I've been experiencing what Raybob is or was (don't know if he's still experiencing problems with the website) experiencing for the last few days. :/
  7. Yeah, Youtube's been suckish lately, stupid videos take ages to load. I wish they would do something about it :/
  8. Happy B'day dude! (Bit late though)
  9. It works!!! Thanks again for the help guys!
  10. Alright, I'll try out that Spybot and see if it works...thanks for the link
  11. 1. Alter Bridge - Before Tomorrow Comes 2. U2 - No Line On The Horizon 3. Faith No More - Midlife Crisis 4. Green Day - American Idiot 5. Alter Bridge - Down To My Last 6. Bruce Springsteen - Born In The USA 7. The Killers - Mr Brightside 8. Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now In The Fire 9. U2 - Magnificent 10. Rage Against The Machine - Guerrilla Radio
  12. Aw crap! You're right! No wonder I'm getting all these weird replies (no offence) My dad did buy the computer 13 years ago (I don't know why it still works right now) So, there's no antispyware that can support ME? Alright, I'll just tell my dad that there isn't any. Thanks for the help btw you guys
  13. This Tradegy sounds pretty bad for everyone! It's on all of the news channels, radios, newspapers, even in the games I play on Facebook! I wish I could help but I don't know how to in my place, no one seems to give a damn, I don't think anyone has heard of it yet!
  14. @MrLlama I tried googling it and the ones I've download says that it can't support my dad's old stone age computer. So, I thought maybe some of you guys might know one great one for an ME computer. @Bateman No, I don't want to destroy the computer ( although it sounds nice ) just want to help my dad, even when I tried to persuade him to buy a new one, which might not happen. So, does anyone know one??? I need help please!
  15. That's an awesome parody! It would be really funny if it was made into a video!
  16. I don't know, maybe I'm wanted or something lol. What? you've got +3! I'm jealous :P

  17. Hey guys, I really need to know if there's any free antispyware that I can download for my dad's really old computer (uses Windows ME), any suggestions? Any help will be very apprieciated. Thanks
  18. @ACDC 564 oh come on man! there are more videos with more votes than that! Well, from the data above, the ones with the most votes are: 300 Zodiac The Dark Knight James Cameron's Avatar Gladiator All of those movies only got 2 votes each while the rest only got 1! I hope this is right, coz I'm feeling too bad to count all the movies
  19. You either did something wrong or the staff did, try looking at this Topic and you might want to post there? Hope that helps
  20. Really? Does that mean Steam's Japanese? xD Well, we would fit in nicely in Japan.
  21. The last time I had my blood test was when I was 7 years old and I could clearly remember that day when they said my bloodtype is A+. I still remember when they stuck some type of needle mini machine like device into my finger, man that was so scary and not as painful as I thought it would be actually.
  22. Mine would probably be One Day Remains by Alter Bridge. That band is the best rock band in history! Although there are other albums that I like as much as this album.
  23. It's either these 7 movies: 300 Grand Torino Vantage Point Zodiac 2012 Knowing Law Abiding Citizen They're all so good!
  24. Happy New Year everybody!!! Only another 2 more years before the world ends! lol God, what a night last night.
  25. A mobile version of TGTAP will be a lot helpful to me, just opening the homepage on my opera mini takes ages and it costs too much knowing that the website is pretty big.
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