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  1. awesome tut Chris just wish i had VC PC
  2. there is a good one that I will get the link for u CuteFTP
  3. It lets mods and admins praise and warn other members way better than teh one that came with IPB
  4. really!?awesome dude really awesome
  5. Not bad...but please try to get an image host...Chris doesnt want his space ruined
  6. Trust Me they are very good Im installing them at my forums right now EDIT:Which I messed up.....
  7. I like the cubans too I like how they hate haitians (I HATE them SOOOO much)
  8. I know. And if it did anything, I'd use it. hit it go to paint and paste it...it takes a pic of the page
  9. I think you should install the Karma hack...It helps a lot and is better than the warning system u have now
  10. GTA Place got hacked.....i dont think u were a member
  11. Nice Screenie ^^ I would post em but I cant since I dont have anything to take em with
  12. hmm..well i think planetgta has some tutorials I dont have the link.... OFFTOPIC:Your Sig needs a new host..pm me if u need it
  13. what do u mean....? anyway another milestone....70 members and it looks like I am the first one to refer someone with the system
  14. CHMOD Achrive_in to 777 Skin to 777 and Syle_Images to 777.Then Try to import it.
  15. Not bad...ask me if u need help with IPB cause u need some
  16. With usershops u can only open shops and add items in the main shop
  17. If he installs Usershops
  18. Id like to see a skyline so I dont have to upgrade my PC and mod vc to get one
  19. Cam.

    What is CS?

    What is Counterstrike...I hear a lot about it but I really don't know what it is Please No flames because I know its popular but I am too lazy to read about it
  20. look at the top where it says IBReferral click that and you will see your link http://forums.thegtaplace.com/index.php?act=referral Biggy kinda already answered it.....
  21. meh I love it small....its awesome cept the animation...if i have a headache it makes it worse
  22. Kinda weird....but hey at least u got em
  23. On the Beach......thats easy EDIT:and what A Moron I am........ sorry about that
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