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  1. The GTA Place VC World Mod-Shack GTA Gaming GTA-Modding GTA Evolution (coming soon) GTA XP Jbandit VCMDB vmods.2ya.com (i think) GTA VP (links to Jbandit's Files) GTA Dimension GTA Domain GTA Wip GTA Warehouse (GTA WH) Planet GTA Vice Central GTANetwork.it (italian) Anarchery Mods LC Experts Look On Google for those...I am too lazy to link them. I will be adding more. Pin.This.Now.
  2. He didnt answer his own name he asked for his surname which I guess means Full Name....so u answered his question
  3. Smallpackage is a pro.....he is a proffesinal
  4. I havent saw him in awhile anyone know where he went?
  5. I guess some of them don't
  6. heh PS2 Exclusive...thats good so I dont miss out on mods. (I cant play it on the PC because no PC can run GTA Games)
  7. Thug.....I thought U were bored of forums
  8. it comes in the skin download
  9. You got it Chris.....Do another
  10. ok I guess you could switch to it not my desicion whatever is better for you
  11. or geocities or http://signup.com best place evar
  12. tis good.....needs a border tho
  13. It looks like the african flag I think
  14. it is a winamp media file on mine
  15. Dude this is nothing like Gfaqs.....you know it is an IPB board here this isnt a CGI stupid board like gfaqs
  16. he said in the shop topic he will start adding items ASAP
  17. Yeah GTAD has it but they have it differently like merged into the old warning system
  18. 2.0 is only in beta 2.1 comes soon...and I love the way it looks
  19. Cam.

    Fav. Sport Game

    My Fav is NBA Live 2004 and NFL Street whats yours?
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