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  1. A tad of a bump but any news on the skin?
  2. Shit, sounds like its going to be laggie on my laptop.
  3. Cam.


    I use it to pay chris to host my GTA network.
  4. Keep the domain and redirect it, maybe.
  5. Don't ya think it would be up if it was? Common sense buddy.
  6. I know that, but he may delete all skins when he gets the new one
  7. Well, I thought we did ...oops. Well I can still give some space to Sky^.
  8. Welcome to GTA Pimp's Website Service Store I will offer you some of my services. Mod Installs: Price: Varies on different mods. I do IPB 1.2, 1.3, and 2.0 mod installs. Hosting: Gone, not enough space. Customers: Sky^ Pre-Orders: None at the moment Thanks for considering my shop, GTA Pimp
  9. I'm with 888ball, wait for the new skin, just be a waste to do all the work now for just the default skin.
  10. Hey LAB, can you make a small sig like the one for PSPGamer that says GTA-Forums.com and another one that says GTARepublic.com? I'll pay any price (resonable that is )
  11. Cam.

    Site Launches

    Thats one good start, stolen images from the site you advertised on.
  12. Will the default skin be kept? I love it a lot.
  13. Looking awesome, loving the banner and everything.
  14. Cam.

    New Forums

    Didn't expet this, well this is for the good. Any news on the hacks returning, and if they gang mod will be released as it can't be used.
  15. Thanks Bryzed, one of the best sigs i've seen.
  16. Something along the lines of G-Unit. Red and gray color scheme. Size 500x125. Text to say GTA Pimp GTA Republic Adminastrator (sp?) and Official Zaibastu Member, if you can fit that
  17. Thank you for replying quickly, I didn't want this advertisment to get out of hand.
  18. O_GLoc or whatever just sent me this: This is against the rules, obviously.
  19. Rockstar said GTASA was a PS2 exclusive. I do not like the looks of the PS3 but its the quality of the games that count. I can't wait!
  20. Invision mods are complex, please go to an IPB source site for tutorials on how to make them. Also, I think this should be moved to the Coding forum, suites it better.
  21. How can you know php, when you can't even spell?
  22. Just 'cause I'm fast Also, Wazeto, consider some grammar like punctuation and correct spelling and you might become respected.
  23. Its not his forum, its Chris's. Welcome to the Forums Wazeta. Don't spam, make double accounts, or any other rule breaking actions. Also check out the gang community, some good looking new gangs there looking to find some members.
  24. Yes, this is for the main site. Why did I just answer a banned person's question?
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