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  1. Or take her to the hot tub... Hopefully another hot goat doesn't come along and instead he stays faithful. LMAO I think they'll have trouble getting her signature if he gets a divorce! Plus I doubt there's much she cando with the alimony!
  2. Contest by Matthew Reilly Here's the synopsis from Amazon: "Synopsis From the internationally bestselling author of ICE STATION and TEMPLE The thriller that started it all. Matthew Reilly's amazing first novel in a new edition The New York State Library looms as a silent sanctuary of knowledge: a hundred-year-old labyrinth of towering bookcases, narrow aisles, and spiral staircases. But for Dr Stephen Swain and his eight-year-old daughter Holly it is a place of nightmare. Because, for just one night, this histaric building is to become the venue for a horrifying contest...a contest in which Swain must compete, whether he likes it or not. The rules of the challenge are simple: seven contestants will enter, but only one will leave. With his daughter in his arms, Stephen Swain is plunged into a terrifying fight for survival. The stakes are high, the odds are brutal. He can choose to run, to hide, or to fight - but if he wants to live, he needs to win. For, in this particular contest, unless you leave as victor, you do not leave at all. "
  3. My dog's a Staffie X Husky, I think that's the best X combination. For pedigree dogs though my favourite would be Husky
  4. Dude, trust me, you'll never get a chance that easy ever again! Seriously you dropped the lotto ticket there!
  5. I think the most exiting was when I came round a bend too fast on my bike and nearly killed myself
  6. LOL, that's if she does only fall under one gender
  7. The first GTA I played was GTA 1 and I thought it was the coolest game ever at the time. Then I saw a review of GTA 3 a couple years later and thought I had to buy it. I did and although it was great it wasn't until a friend gave me a :cough: copy :cough: of Vice City that I really became interested. I had seen reviews in NAG and got all amped. So although GTA 1 played a part and Vice City that cemented my love for the GTA series it was GTA 3 that roped me in first.
  8. So Sauron in copying a nebula? We've reached an interesting decision here.
  9. LOL! alot of gay people and people who've been in prison will take offence to that!
  10. Woah! The admins are gonna be on your back now buddy.
  11. OK someone PM Vice cause I don't think he's reading the topic.
  12. I don't think I would like man-hunt, I'm not into seeing repetitive gore for hours or strangling a man to death with a kittens entrails. Some people like certain kinds of games and I don't think that this is my kind of game. But I'm not saying don't buy it I'm just voicing my opinion.
  13. I read an article in a local magazine written by a guy who says that he was "bad" but faith cured him.
  14. Unless you downloaded a patch, that's the only thing that updates the old version, the problem may lie elsewhere. Re-install your game to revert to the old vers.ion
  15. I've had more than enough fun not cheating besides; money is nicest to have when it's hard earned, respect is more real when you earn it. Cheating to me seems like picking your friends dropped food off the floor, shouting "5 second rule!" and eating it.
  16. Well said Mrpyke I think we should all loosen up every now and then and just have a laugh.
  17. Welcome to the forum, but post this in the new member thread and not in a new topic.
  18. OK, some of us find things funny that you don't. Let's leave it at that.
  19. Post your own, Someone obviously isn't bothering
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