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  1. I dont have one favroite,But all the ones in Los Santos were cool.
  2. I got my bet on CJ.Just becase Tommy is hardcore doesnt mean he knows how to fight.Lets just say a boxer vs.tommy,Tommy would lose in a second,Why,Because boxers know how to fight.And who got boxing skills CJ does.
  3. The Godfather-Cool game I like the story line its just a great game.
  4. At first my dad dindnt want to but it for me.But it was my birthday,so after all he didnt care.
  5. Have you guys played it on xbox live.If so how is it????
  6. yeah i got it for my xbox360 the graphics are yeah its a type gta game,but it has alot of action stunts alot of guns alot of mission.its simple words its a great game. sorry if my topic is confusion.
  7. I just bought this game for the xbox 360 is a really fun game to play.Graphics are amazing. So wat do u guys/girls think of this game do u like it or no???????? (wat country is it based on alot of people say mexico or cuba but not sure????)
  8. The one were tommy is on the ground yes it has.But the one in leaf links that preety weird.
  9. wow detention for yawning.thats not,your teacher must hate you or have something agaisnt you.
  10. ceaser-didnt back stab you.he should marry kendl the truth-funny dude sweet-hes annoying but he stays true to hes gang wu zi mu-i like him he reminds of my cousin dont know why(hes not blind but hes asian)
  11. it looks good.love the way u did mexico.
  12. wtf end of story racism isnt cool or funny at all its just not right.
  13. for some reason that game gave me head aches lol.but i love that game.
  14. Im just going to wait until someone posted information on witch system to buy it on.
  15. he doesnt get hungry hes in shape and he can run with heavy guns and thats it.
  16. Earth Quakes,Tornados,Floods,Tsunamis,hail,Snow.
  17. yeah if we ever do play as a mexican i preety sure he will be from a gang. well i want a guy like ceaser i really liked that dude
  18. I made mine look like ceasers all muscle all tatoos. no fat thats it
  19. CJs house,all the ones in the desert,and all the ones in the country (sorry for the off topic question but wat does IMO and BTW mean)
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