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  1. Well, I think I read somewhere they were gonna move in (At University)...So yeah, I think they actually met in real life o.o BTW, Doesnt the moderators have only Modstick, and the Super Mod's have the Banhammer??
  2. Yeah, but it's still pretty much gone - Hehe. By the way, I've missed ya
  3. *Takes out Anti-Envy Kit* Hehe... Congratulation, fellas! Still, I find pretty sad that Gerard and Chris, and many others are off :/ (Yeah, I'm getting sentimental...)
  4. Yeah, that'd be great. By the way, I'm getting paranoid, I think I'm as annoying as when I firstly-Joined, that aint true right? *Shakes* Eeek!
  5. Hi there!

    How do you do?

  6. I like your avatar.

  7. Conan O'Brien r0x0r j00r b0x0rs. I used to watch that show in Sweden
  8. Avast, ye bilge rats!! Arr, me gotta tell t'time when me went with m'crew to t'captan' black beard's island. We had a delicious'n'big dinner, arrr! W'sung t'Yo ho ho!
  9. I know L33t sp34k. N00b Tlk. Normal English. Y The Chicano ingles!!!
  10. Welcome to t3h F0rumz0r =)

    Nice Avatar - hehe.

  11. Nah, I learnt some German back in Sweden, my teacher spoke German And I currently aint at school, BTW (For noobz0r3rs: CURRENTLY, not that I've NEVER been at school).
  12. Thou grammar and thou logic resembles that of thy dogshit. Thou smiley have been changed thy a better aspect. Kann ich ein Auto haben Auto is with capitals, and it's ein cause it's das Auto, not die Auto. Also, haben goes right at the end. It's the full word (infinitivus) what's usually at the end, exept for when you're talking about multiple people/things. *Is angry that people aren't participating in the RP'ing* I won't let you get away with this! *lighting strikes, a storm rages* Arghh, aaah. *Jace is now a SSJ* Danke schön
  13. With all the respect, I have to say thou have the same amount of intelligence of a chimp on pot riding a Puma. *Takes a drink of Vodka and eats a salt cookie with Kaviar*
  14. Kan ich habe eine auto? Ich bin keine katzen, und du bist eine dumkopf...Ja wohl
  15. *Gets some tea* Would thee like to drink some marvelous tea, gentleman?
  16. No, all right, just no. *Shoots at TM's Harmonica* I joined your forum, BTW
  17. Dont you wonder how can I play music on french fries?
  18. ^ Havent noted that the AK-47 in his sig has the serial "566432A5" and is build in 1964. < Is talking nonsense and wants a Ch33zb00rg3r...Also is t3h l33tz. v T3h L33tz.
  19. That was hilarious xD

    Im great thanks, how are you?

  20. *Chokes Smallpancake with an used condom.*
  21. ^ You are you, who is not me, because Me is me, and You not Me. < Confused...And is going to use Noob-Talk. v Prolly iz cnfusd 2
  22. Random Russian-Looking name I made. *Breaks MrLlamaLlama's drum half-sticks*
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