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GTA IV Trailer Released!


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Yep it's definitely set in LC, you can see advertisements for the Liberty Tree and theres the boat with Liberty City stamped on the back. Theres also this Screen i took of a Police Car with LC written on it.


Im liking the shadows and the cars, especialy the people carrier Taxi. ^_^

I guess it will definetly be called Liberty City then.

But I still think that Moscow could be another possibility for another city in the game.

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i think it's one of the coolest trailers that rockstar ever made

and that quote saying he killed, smuggled and sold people and perhaps things will be different

maybe it meant that our bussiness is more legit than other gta, you know that word came from someone who look like he is going to quit or something

or maybe it could mean something else? :whistle:

we'll just have to wait for some answers!

but hopefully after this, rockstar will give us more and more information including screenshots! :lol:

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Just before it goes to the building "getalife" you see a electronic board. On that there is written "Dutch" and then the next scene comes. Wonder what it was..

The scene cuts too early to read the entire line, but what we can read is:

Energy prices up following long decline

Dutch markets

And then it cuts to a different scene. It's nothing important, if anything it's just going to be a little joke.

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Hang on, nobody has mentioned anything about what will be in it!

Firstly the city is much larger than liberty city was in GTA3. (More resemblance of New York -Times square, empire state building, Statue of "liberty" etc...) I bet the statue is called "The statue of Liberty City" or something though. -Im basing this on the fact that the layout of the city is completely different.

Secondly, there could very well be a fully operational Rollercoaster, "Screamer", featured in the game. Should be good if it was ridable.

Peds interactions have dramatically improved, with smerks and even waving at people while driving. Paths have also been improved (birds too).

Water physics has been improved drastically, and a (working) ferry port is featured. Shadows and Lighting has also been improved.

More realistic cars instead of the usual fantasy cars. Also features telecabinas (dont know what it is in english).

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