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GTA IV Trailer Released!


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It's here, the moment you've all been waiting for! Rockstar Games have just released the first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV! Grab it from the official site while you can.


  • The game takes place in a modern day New York (Liberty City) setting
  • The main character appears to be Eastern European, possibly Russian
  • He speaks the line "Life is complicated - I killed people, smuggled people, sold people. Perhaps here, things will be different." towards the end of the trailer.

Trailer Mirrors:

See our trailers page for a complete list of both high and standard definition versions. Or if you're eager to see it, here's a quick mirror I've uploaded of the HD version:


For now I have taken some screen caps of the trailer, keep an eye on our screenshots page though, as we hope to have some official, and actual screenshots soon.

Impressions: From IGN and GameSpy, as well as these topics on our forums.

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Thats what the e-mail mean when it said"Thing will be different"

In the trailer the guy says "perhaps here, things will be different"

oh man, GTA IV is SOOO new and different.

BTW, I dun know why you have trouble watching it, I watch over and over

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OMFG!OMFG!The trailer is absolutely insane!A Russian/Balkan guy kickin' it in Liberty City!YES!YES!Thats positively genius!And the graphics(If they stay the same as in the trailer)will give the game even more style.Thank you R*!Thank you Take-Two and thank you GTA pkace for the Mirror!Can't wait for October 19th! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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