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What Platform?


What Platform?  

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  1. 1. What Platform will you be playing GTA: IV on?

    • PS3
    • Xbox 360

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The 360 of course,On lauch xbox market place will have new DLC for Grand Theft Auto 4.Not to mention the sweeth Gamer Pics,Themes,Unlockable Gamer Pics,and more DLC in the future wich could include anything.And the achivements,playing my favriote game and unlocking new content sweth!And I know there will be unlockable Gamer pics,since Rockstart presents Table Tennis did.And it will have Force feedback(rumble).I m thingking it will also have co-op and hopefully some type of Multiplayer.

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Trust me man, the price could have been higher. I mean, you get all this technical shit, bluRay and all, know what I'm saying, and bluray's these days costs a fortune you know, so the PS3 system isn't expensive at all, but yeah man when looking at others view of this, of course it's expensive, but remember, PS3 is not really a console, in fact, the father of Playstation, Ken Kutaragi has mentioned earlier that you shouldn't call it a console, it's a computer, or something like that. So it's a pretty damn good price when you get all this stuff, but of course, we gotta be rational, the price is pretty damn expensive, but I will still call it a console, it depends on what you're going to use it for etc.

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