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Coca Cola VS Pepsi


Coca Cola or Pepsi ?  

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  1. 1. Which one better ?

    • Coca Cola
    • Pepsi

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Coke normally. But as Jade said the Pepsi at KFC is the best, and I love burping afterwards it's so fun :P

You know what, here's the f***ing secret. The "pepsi" at KFC is really coca-cola. :tongue:

Coke. Has more of a bite to it. There are better "sweet" sodas out there, like Dr. Pepper. Or Bawls((<3 you Bawls)).

I love DP :huh:

That is to say dr. pepper... of course... ^_^

(if you didn't get the joke, don't worry, if you did, then shhhh. i dont want anyone to know!)

So yeah, dr pepper is great. Right now in the uk, there's a promotion on cans of dr pepper to win a wii, ans 26 inch tv and a fridge full of dr pepper, sprite and fanta... I've enterd every single day so far.. Oh, a new day, another code on a ringpull... hehe

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I drank Pepsi

Twist Light Lemon

today ... It was really tasty ...

Hope I used the correct past tense ....

I never tried coke, only Coca-Cola `cuz I don`t wanna ba a drug addic :) -joke-

Coke and Coca Cola are both the same lol. And I have't yet tasted Twist light lemon flavored pepsi.

Well here you can barely find the normal Pepsi , in most stores they sell it Light/Twist/Lemon etc.

And on special ocasions they sell a special "editions" of PS ... Two years ago was PS Blue ( same taste but blue colored ) and last during the Germany WC 2006 , Pepsi Gold was the special edition ...

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