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Karma Hack...

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I've seen this on other forums, but I'm not entirely sure what it does. But we must be wary of all the n00bs who will come over from GTAD and GTAF accusing us of ripping their hacks (no offence towards those two forums, but they do have their fair share of idiots, just like any other forum).

But anyway, what does this karma hack do?

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this Karma hack isnt the same as karma you get at GameFAGS or whatever

it is basically a replacement for the warning system, we give out karma to the decent members, maybe they did something significant to help the board, or wrote a tutorial or just made really good posts or something

We give out negative karma if you do the complete opposite so new members know who the forum idiots are

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<teh bumpage>

*If* you are still considering this modification, D-Karma is prolly' your best bet, although it doesn't log warnings/commendations. (Which erm... sucks)

You can however, use our old system, pretty simple really. With this new system, you will be able to warn, formally warn and praise members.

The first thing to do is edit your ACP Settings. Go into:

General -->Warning Setup

Set the minimum warn level to -5, and the maximum warn level to +5.

Set the 'type' of warn to 'rating mode' i.e <{WARN_X}>

The warn graphics will disappear, but don't worry, we can fetch them later.

Go into:

Skins & Templates --> Macros --> Add New Macro

Add 5 new macros, similar to the current WARN macros, for the negative karma.. <{WARN_-1}>, <{WARN_-2}>, and so on...

Whilst doing so, change the image links contained within those macros, and upload your 'positive' Karma images, to the style images section for that particular skin.

Okay, so now it knows what image to select, lets tell it to physically select an image as opposed to a rating.

In the ACP, goto topic view --> Post Entry Template, and edit in single..

Get rid of the following:

{$author['warn text']}

Then if ya wanna verbally warn, install Cuthbrt's verbal warn modification over at IBP.

Our karma is a little bit different... it has a drop menu etc... and send's automatic Pm's (Azkoyens' karma hack).. but this thing pretty much does the same job in the end.

<bump />

/me whistles

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So, are we going to install this Karma hack or not? I like the sound of the verbal warning hack more than the Karma one, it'll stop people like spasmod saying we give warnings for tiny things, by giving us an 'in-between' warning.

EDIT: I've just split all the 'Cam shouldn't be an admin' spam away from this topic and into the dungeon.

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