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I'm watching it now, its the Christmas episode were Fry can't stay out later than sun-down due to the Santa robot. :)

Who else fucking loves this show?! Its one of my favorite shows, EVAR. Whats everyone's favorite episode? I personally really love the one were they all meet Beck's head, and Bender goes on tour with Beck. Love that one, since well I really like Beck. (He kicks fucking ass.) So, who's your favorite character/whats your favorite episode/do you even like the show?

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I F**kin Love this show! :clapping: i got every episode on my comp and i watch em every night!

Best Parts:

"What if life was like a video game!"... ... ... "What shall we do?" "Reverse direction, lower down, increase speed!"

The digital clock bit on the first santa one!

"I must be a robot. Why else would girls not want to date me?" "Lot's of reasons honey!"

Every single episode!


well guess what, they are working on 13 more new episodes so i think we will get to enjoy them soon, and no way theys hould have cancelled the simpsons, if you dont know futurama is made by the same guy who made the simpsons.


i don't like simpsons as much as futurama. even if they are by the same guy, the style of comedy is different. with a show set in the future there are more chances to throw in a joke. like the fake facts about the 20th century!

The Futurama Movie is TOTALLY WICKED

i second that!

OK i've gotta stop posting about futurama now!! i know! i'll go and watch it!!!

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