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San Andreas story


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Thanks to Corporate_Nothing for extracting the pics for me.

Jim:10:00am:Yeah, so this is the day to relax and go offroading. It's sunny and warm. What could go wrong?


Jim:3:30pm: Here I am, after exploring the country side, getting ready for some lunch.


Jim:3:40pm:After I have my lunch in the truck I look up to see bad weather heading my way. I best try to get home.

Jim:3:41pm: I'm headin' toward the highway.I decide to head to shelter for the night in an old shack with a trailor beside of it.

Jim:3:50pm:I knock on the door. A guy named John answers and lets me stay the night.


Jim:5:30am: I am awakend by a car wreck. I take a peek outside only to see a few feet of rain and a few cars piled up.


Jim:5:40am:Me and John are heading north to higher ground in my truck.

Jim:5:50am:Later I skidded off into the opposing lane across a bridge into the middle of the two bridges. We get out alright but my truck doesnt. It gets swallowed by the flood water.

Jim:5:55am:I found an old abandond car. We drive it south, John telling me about a Rancher and the guy willing to trade it for any car.


Jim:6:01am: I find the hotel the guy is staying at. I trade the old beater for the rancher. Now were headin' for Angel Pine.


Jim:6:33am: We arrive at angel pine, things look clear so we head to the near-by Cluckin' Bell.


End of Part one

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Jim:7:00am: Carl, my cousin, calls and asks me to check up on his garage in Doherty up in San Fierro.

Jim:7:23am:We get to the freeway, go off our exit only for part of it to be flooded. I take a chance and lose to the puddle. We walk up a few hundred feet and find a taxi.


Jim:7:30am: We get to the Doherty Fire Department and have to get out because of the water. We walk over to the garage and call Carl. He tells us to go to his car lot and one of his associates will take us to a hotel to crash in.


Jim:4:30pm:The water has risin up alot in the past hours. Carl informs us the him and the guys moved to higher ground and are safe. He also tells us of his home on the twisty path in Calton Heights and the truck in his garage.


Jim:4:42pm:We get to the garage, get the truck and head toward Gant Bridge.


Jim:5:21pm:A few detours and a near death experience later we make it across. Bayview Marina is completley flooded.

Jim:5:30pm:We stop at a Diner right before a flooded road.


Jim:6:00pm: We turn around and detour through a grass hill toward El Quebrados.

Jim:6:46pm:We make it to El Quebrados and rent a hotel for the night.

Jim:8:00am: Early start. Were heading for the Sherman Dam.

Jim 9:34am:The roads flooded.. luckily I know the desert very well.

Jim:9:46am:I make it to the the backside of the dam, I drive off hoping to land on the cement, which I did.


Jim:10:03am: I'm heading toward "The Big Ear" to try and get a lift to the mansion, or even a boat to drive to it.

Jim:11:00am: I manage to get a small inflatable boat, better than nothing.

Jim:3:40pm:We make it to the masion, go inside to wait the weather out.


The end :mellow: (sorry for the double post)

I know the ending sucks but I cant control things.

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