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Ordering new truck


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Nice truck.

I love the exterior and the interior is alright.

Are you going to do anything to it?? like dump it or rise it up

Anyone who lowers a truck is STUPID. And I don't think it really needs to be raised, it doesn't seem like a truck you'd raise. And not everyone who buys a vehicle has to "customize" it when they get it((I put quotations on customize because what most people do isn't really custom anymore, because EVERYONE is fucking doing it)).

Anyways, my dad has a Ranger. It's like a 2002, though, I think. He bought it for his pool route. It works, drives nice and shit. I like it.

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6 CD changer? Isn't that somewhat over the top?

I don't know about the US, but here it is cheaper to buy the car and then add all those add-ons like leather and good radio. That's because when you buy a car, everything is with 50 % 'luxury'tax. What basically means that the the Dutch government is trying to suck even more money out of the people. But if you buy it afterwards it 'only' has 19% tax on it. For the Mercedes my Dad has bought it saves about 1000 EUR, so I might check that out.

But then the US probably has a completely different system.

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3.0? Should get good mileage, & most of them had 4.0 V-6s. There's a few running around here in the midwest, they look

pretty good w/ a couple inches of lift & the right tires.

The biggest thing I like about the newer Rangers (besides being a Ford truck) is the available "Flex-Fuel" option, meaning

they're set up from the factory to burn E-85, cut dependency on oil & burns cleaner. Look for a small square emblem w/

a leaf on it on Flex Fuel models.

I'd drive it.

Oh, & who says 6 CD is too much? My '96 tracker has 2 Sony 10-disc CD changers.

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