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Christmas ^_^


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Christmas is still far, far away... And I wouldn't expect anyone to make a topic right now, though. But I guess since it's only a few months till Christmas starts, I'll leave it open. Er, well I might be getting nothing! Seems unfair, but I guess my parent's are strict with how I spend. So yeah, no happy Christmas for me!

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I don't have any planes yet on Christmas.

^Just look at the sky...lol joking, I know you meant plans.

Btw, here in India we don't celebrate Christmas with that much enthusiasm as it is done all over the world, but still, kids have parties and wish they get something from Santa.

Although its far from now, Cheers anyways.

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I'll be going around my Auntie and Uncles, who have a quite large gathering there most years. Everyone there exchanges gifts after dinner and before you sit down to eat, there's a present on your chair. It's normally something awesome like designer jeans, or a DVD, depends what you like and that determines what your gift will be. Occasionally it's another house that has a party that I'll go to, but that's only every 4 years or so.

My main gift I'm hoping to get is a PS3, I'll get some money from my parents and relatives, and I'll use some of my money and some of the Student Loan I received to get it. :D

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I'll probably be at home with my family, eating all those yummy stuff and simply relaxing. Oh well, I guess you have to spend few days a year with your family... And I don't care what I'll get for x-mas.

That's exactly what I'll be doing. Hardly any of my family celebrates the Pagan winter festival birth of Jesus anymore; we exchange gifts, kill time in front of the TV, and overall enjoy being together. That's what it's really about. ^_^

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