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Almost every gamer knows about that video, but it's still absolutely hilarious. It still seems fresh each time you watch it.

alrightt nintendoooo...gonna save the princess she's gonna be grateful give you a kiss next thing you know your gonna get laid tonight

ahahh classic. i thought this was gonna be a angry video game nerd video. i actually havent seen this video before.

the voice reminds me of someone...dunno who though

looked in youtube comments...christopher walkin, sure sounds like him.

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^ I think Ray Romero as well, from Everybody Loves Raymond. That's the obvious comparison. At times, he sounds like Roman Bellic as well, sometime during the 2nd level.

"WHAT!? WHAT!!? Goombas killed... WHAT!? FUCK!? GOOMBAS!?... NOOOOOOOOO!"

^ Not that quote, it's another quote. That one just mad me laugh.

BTW, you guys should watch the 'asshole mario' series of vids as well, no commentary but the levels are about twice as hard as the one above. A few of them are below:

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