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MrLlamaLlama's Graphics Warehouse.


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MrLlamaLlama's Graphics Warehouse

Welcome to MrLlamaLlama's Graphics warehouse. In here, you'll find some of my my work, some useful tips and resources, the odd tutorial, and maybe a couple of things you might like to use yourself. I'll be updating constantly, so keep an eye out. Some of the sections may not have anything under them right now, but they should in the near future. Enjoy!

If you'd like to use anything, just reply in this topic, or send me a PM, request what you'd like to be done, and I'll get back to you ASAP. Any resources, tutorials, cuts etc, you may use for personal use, and distribute freely, as long as you credit me as the author and owner ;)

As always, comments and critique are welcome.

My sigs






Member's sigs / work







A cutout of niko you might want to use in sigs, it's in png, so no need to get rid of the white. ;)


Another cutout, wonder what he's thinking about.... :mellow:

Random other sigs





Boredom in college, i fucked up the colouring a bit, but hopefully you get the idea.

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Whenever i see your works i regret of ever leaving making PS Works.

It was sooo fun :(

Then why not start again. (if you have the time) Your GraphicX shop was a huge success, and i'm sure more people would lie to see your work....

Connor: Like, i missed out 2 letters. CALL T3H FBI NAO!

Hopefully have some more work up tonight guys.

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Okay, first off, don't start a showdown. It's not fairly the best thing to do as MrLlamaLlama can beat him. Deji, if you can do some of this, then could you at least make a different topic for it, rather than ruin MrLlamaLlama's topic? I mean, for first glance at his work, it's so amazing that we've got such a effin' cool GFX Expert here, but saying that you can do it in 5 Minutes it completely making yourself look like a bullshitter if you ask me.

If you can, let's see, but make a showdown topic, it sort of suits the Graphics Forum. Most of this work takes time to prefect and it takes more than 5 minutes, only a person who's had great experience with Photoshop can do it and MrLlamaLlama can actually do it from that. Deji, if you are good, let's see some of your graphics work. As seeing your work on your website, it looks as if you've made it out of MS Paint, to be honest. So really, you can't make 'Cool' stuff like that in 5 minutes since your work doesn't even look like a professional perfectionist.

Getting back to the topic. Llama, you work has alway impressed me, and it's sort of inspired me to try it out (Even though I don't have photoshop STILL on my computer, I guess it always has). Keep up the great work, you probably could do computer games design. lol.

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