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How will GTA IV "physically" be?


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I was lurking about, and I found this on youtube:

I mean, this looks sweet if it was to be actually done in the real game itself. Note that this ISN'T the real GTA IV game play, but just some animation of how we would expect the game to be (Well, only in the cut scenes, though). Looking at most of it, some of the scenes of that video actually look truly spectacular, especially when the model is on a motorbike and is trying to reach for that vehicle and later falls. That looked awesome.

So what are your thoughts on this?

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Its pretty cool how all this has become so advanced over such a small amount of time. Its been less than 10 years since the first propper GTA came out (gta III) and if we take a look back to it we can see how the engine developed into all this. The computer can now actually create its own animations and practically behave like a real human. I really like the clip when a car runs over a ped in different speeds and different things happen the dummy like first at slow speed he just kinda tumbles over the hood and roof and falls off but at a higher speed the glass brakes and he falls off in a much more ruff way. On the fastest speed he like ends up inside the car after he has crashed through the windshield.

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TM this is a great find! Looks how naturally how body moves when it impacts the cars from every angle. Just imagine combining this with the blood thread and you'll get blood splattering all over the car as the body hits it. I know it's sick but yeah...

I think the shooting physics like the drive by are still a little wobbly though. The way the person just falls to the ground looks much like San Andreas when you pull the trigger on someone with one of the shotguns. Maybe if the person falls, but hits a wall due to the force of the gunshot or smashes into other people that would be more realistic.

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