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Hey Llama(I wont call you by your real name :) )

Could you make me a nice signature please?

Banner in a attachment.(If I can upload it).

I'd like a CSS M4A1 in it too. :)

Pretty much like the CSS skin I have in my LvN-D banner that Don made me.

I'd like it for a little CSS spray also. (if you can) and also animated. :)


I'd like the CSS skin person with his gun, shooting

So, he's just shooting

I'd like just that.

Thanks :)

Oh, also, try put a little text in it, saying Kel

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@JROCK: What the hell? That's nazi propaganda of WWII dude. I mean, the fuck? Why'd you want to have an image of that?

@Llama: Text looks awesome. But just me being a bitch, could you add those radar scan line? Perhaps you could just put this image through it. Would make it much easier to do I think.


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Hello. I have a pretty quick request. I tried to make a nice sig but ye... it didn't really work out as i kinda wanted it to... Could you kinda smoothen it out for me and delete the white backgound so its transparent. Maybe also improve it a bit please, i know you will do an awesome job on it. Thanks.

Here it is

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