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Deleted Things from SA

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I just figured I'd post all the stuff originally learned on GTAWH to here. Its amazing what you can find in the game's code. Stuff that R* doesn't want us to know.

I'll start with some of the hidden interiors, which we all really know about here, so I won't talk about how you get to 'em or anything.




















But there's MUCH more..


German magazine 'Screenfun' has released four new screenshots and a sketched map, in a recent San Andreas preview.

The map is certainly not official, although it does indicate the positions of each city - and where to expect particular landmarks. The twelve 'small' towns are also marked, and Mount Chiliad is placed between Los Santos/San Fierro (As expected)

New vehicles include: A new type of tractor, a full-winged dodo, and a motorhome.

    * The twelve small towns often consist of only two junctions and a few buildings, featuring a liquor store, backery, pottery and much more.

    * When flying, the radar map changes and shows a horizon, so orientation is easier.

    * Realistic truck trailer physics

One screenshot shows the LSPD Chopper, pointing the spotlight towards an articulated truck; Demonstrarting the new lighting system. Other screenshots include: A tractor, driving across farmland (With astonishing detail); a motorhome driving through countryside; and the full-winged dodo passing over a residential area.

Remember to Read more for a short summary of the magazine.

Related Links: SA-Screenshots.de.vu, CodenameSA, GTAForums Topic

Translation by ST.MU:

The three missions:

In the 1st mission CJ has to help his buddy, who is hunted by a motorbike gang and needs a diversionary maneuver. So carl races trough the forest in a jeep, with the gang after him - since they assume the victim is in the car. CJ has to avoid them destroying the doors to keep the secret. As soon as you passed the checkpoint race, your cellphone rings: your buddy is save, and you get $400 reward.

The 2nd mission starts at a trailer park. CJ is blackmailed into killing an important witness, who hides in a hut on Mt. Chiliad. Carl arrives there with a Sanchez, first killing two FBI agents and then the witness. Since the blackmailer wants to see evidence, CJ takes a photo of the corpse, and drives back to the trailer park.

For the 3rd mission R* used a cheat to spawn a dodo to save time (claiming that using a car would have taken them 15 minutes), and lands near a small hut in the forest. There the gas station mission starts, where CJ and the yet unknown girl try to steal the tanker.

It was said that the PS2 lagged during their presentation, but they hope R* get this fixed in the remaining months, as well as a few boring and streched countryside textures.

See? The GTA:SA preview said they spawned a Dodo, but I think they were just trying to hide the Hydra cheat.


Here's a pic of a grove street member deleted -


Its weird because he looks kinda like the other fat guy you can recruit, but wearing a different shade of green on his sweater.

So.. the guys we do have...

  • the fat guy wearing the lighter shade of green for a sweater.
  • the skinnier guy wearing the plaid vest.
  • the guy wearing the light green jersey



To use the skateboard, select the it from your weapons inventory. Use the ~h~left analog stick ~w~ to steer the skateboard. Tapping ~x~ helps you pick up speed and ~q~ makes you jump.

This was included in part of Madd Dogg's Rhymes script. This must mean it was originally introduced in that mission.


The original mission list:

Big Smoke

Sweet & Kendl


Tagging up Turf

Cleaning the Hood

Nines and AK's



Sweet's Girl

Cesar Vialpando

Los Sepulcros

OG Loc

Running Dog

Wrong Side of the Tracks

Just Business

Home Invasion

Robbing Uncle Sam


Life's a Beach

Madd Dogg's Rhymes

Management Issues

House Party

Burning Desire


Gray Imports

High Stakes, Low-rider


Reuniting the Families

The Green Sabre

First Date

First Base

Gone Courting

Made In Heaven

Holed Up


Local Liquor Store

Small Town Bank

Tanker Commander

Against All Odds

Big Smoke's Cash

Yay Courier

Wu Zi Mu

Farewell, my love...

Body Harvest

Are you going to San Fierro?

Wear Flowers in your Hair


Photo Opportunity



Ice Cold Killa

Pier 69

Toreno's Last Flight

Yay Ka-Boom-Boom

Mountain Cloud Boys

Amphibious Assault

The Da Nang Thang

Back to School

T-Bone Mendez

Mike Toreno

Ran Fa Li


Air Raid

Supply Lines...

Tanked Up

New Model Army

Zeroing In

Test Drive

Roadside Assistance

Customs Fast Track

Puncture Wounds

Race Tournament

555 WE TIP

Snail Trail




Verdant Meadows

Learning to Fly



Black Project


Green Goo

The Truth is Out There

Fender Ketchup

Explosive Situation

You've had your Chips

Don Peyote

Intensive Care

The Meat Business

Fish in a Barrel


Saint Mark's Bistro

Madd Dogg


High Noon

Architectural Espionage

Dam and Blast

Key to her Heart

Cop Wheels

Up, Up and Away!

Breaking the Bank at Caligula's

A Home In The Hills

Vertical Bird

Home Coming

Cut Throat Business

Beat Down on B Dup

Grove 4 Life


Los Desperados

All-Terrain Take Down

End Of The Line

Bolded missions are the ones removed from the game.


Script for Impounded -

Que pasa, Cesar!

Hey, Holmes!

There's some beers up on the bench right there.

Just got to finish up under the hood, eh.

So, eerr, how are you and my sister doing?

Just fine, CJ. So, how are you and, eerrm -

Who are you seeing at the moment?

You know me, I ain't found the right girl yet.

You ain't never going to find the right girl coz you treat them all like sh*t.

Easy, angel, man don't find love, love finds man, eh chico.

Yeah, I guess it does...

So, CJ, let's see your wheels.

They ain't nothing special, just, you know...

Let Cesar work his magic, I'll make it special.

What the f*ck?

Oh sh*t, it's been towed!

Damn! What's the matter with this city?

They're always towing people's sh*t!

I didn't even hear them! Did you hear them?

Damn! What are they, the secret car-towing service?

f*ck! Damn!

Don't worry, holmes. We can get it back.

I know where the impound is. It's cool.

Be back in a bit, baby...

Hey you! Police. Stop!

Hey, what are you doing in here?

Hey, this is police property!

OK punk, have it your way!

Hi there. In y'go.

How's it going? OK, it's open.

Hold on. There you go, pal.

Oh, man, C'mon...

Somebody shoot the ref!

Catch it! Catch it!

The Los Santos Police precinct is in Pershing Square in Commerce.

Yeah, I know Pershing Square...

There's an entrance to the left that leads to the underground carpark.

At the back is a garage that holds the impounded vehicles.

Ah man, this is gonna be crawling with cops!

Yeah I know, but if your prize car is missing when you come back to it,

It's probably been towed.

A'right man, thanks, I guess I can take it from here.

The cops are on to you. Lose the heat!

Get to the Pay 'n' Spray

Enter the Pay 'n' Spray

You can use the Pay 'n' Spray in Willowfield.

This is the Los Santos police precinct. Also home to the city's impounded vehicles.

An entrance at the side of the precinct leads to its secure underground car park. Impounded vehicles are found down here, but it's a hive of cop activity.

The garage at the rear is where yours and other impounded vehicles are held.

You need a car for Cesar to work on.

You're meant to get the car back safely.

Get to the impound and retrieve your car

Get a car and take it to Cesar's place.

Get back in the car.

Get back to Cesar's place.

Cesar won't work on this vehicle! Try something else.

I can see why the mission was removed from the final version of the game! :o The mission was obviously removed because of the incredibly farfetched scenario. CJ is talking to Cesar, and then they suddenly steal his car? :D


Mission script for "Tanked up"

What's wrong with you now?

I've learned an important lesson.


That it's fun to have an enemy.

That with Berkley dead my life is also over.

What do you mean?

It is perfectly natural, Carl.

We're fighting machines, Carl, as much as this tank, or that chopper.

And with no one to fight, we're nothing.

I am just facing up to the void.

Don't mind me, Carl. I am having an existential crisis.

You carry on painting graffiti and wearing your gold chains.

All I want is a little peace.

I got the cops on my case, a big fat prick who betrayed me and you're having such a crisis?

Man, I'll give you 'exi-mental', you damn square.

What's that noise?

Sounds like a model 7, a 5:1 ratio, equipped with cannon.

No, it doesn't. No it doesn't...

It sounds like a whole army of them!

Oh dear God - Berkley is alive?

Whoa, dude, a tiny war machine!

Hey, is that, like for real?

Oh man, ain't it cute!

Holy Gaia! It's a bad trip Satan toy!

Mother of God! It's blasting!

f*cking sh*t! It's packing!

Hey, a cute toy tank!

Make love toys, not war toys!

Oh man, I've always wanted one of these!

One serious f*cking toy!

That toy's got real attitude problems!

It's a tiny soviet invasion!

It must have been a patrol we heard.

If Berkley's still alive, he'll be servicing his transmitters!

We've got to go stop him!


You're the gangster, you tell me!

Carl, where are you going?

What are you doing, Carl?

That's Berkley over there!

Right, I'm going to go beat on that fool!


Berkley is a master tactician, a cautious general!


Meaning it's a trap!

Deploy the tank!

Use the tank to take out those buggies!

What's the problem, they're only little cars?

Trust me, stop them at all costs!

Holy f*ck!

See, Berkley isn't a kid and these things aren't toys!

Ohmygod! Stop those buggies, Carl!

sh*t, Carl, what are you doing?

We going to die, I know it!

Curse you, Berkley, Curse you!

Ow, that really hurt!

We can't take much more!

One more hit and Berkley's won!

Man, you guys play hard!

I told you, Carl, this is war, just on a tiny scale!

I've got a LOT of work to do!

No, its not Air Raid, Supply Lines, or New Model Army.


All enterable buildings:



Gang strength

Fire Truck

Safe House



Sindacco Abattoir













B Dup's apartment

B Dup's Crack Palace

Bike School

Whore House


Colonel Fuhrberger's

The Johnson House


Loco Low Co.

Wheel Arch Angels

Smoke's Crack Palace

Smoke's Crack Palace

Casino Floor





Didier Sachs

Abandoned AC tower


Generator Hall



Dirt Stadium

Driving School

Cluckin' Bell

Burger Shot

Pizza Stack

Rusty Brown's World of Coq

Vagos Gang House

Inside Track Betting


Ganton Gym

Cobra Marital Arts

Below the Belt Gym

Caligula's Roof

Caligula's Roof Trials


Crack Den

Sub Urban










Strip Club

Madd Dogg's Crib

Caligula's Casino Penthouse Suites

Madd Dogg's Crib

Jefferson Motel

OG Loc's

Planning Department

The Pleasure Domes

The Pleasure Domes





Zero's RC Shop

Secret Valley

Ryder's Place

Sex Shop








Strip Club

Safe House

Motel room

Motel room

Hotel Suite

Safe House

Safe House

Safe House

Safe House

Safe House

Safe House

Safe House

Hotel Suite

Hotel Suite

Safe House

Sweet's House

Tattoo Parlor

Tattoo Parlor

Tattoo Parlor

Tattoo Parlor

The Four Dragons

Truck Stop

Lil' Probe Inn









Wu Zi Mu's














Now all the locations:

San Andreas

Los Santos

San Fierro

Las Venturas

Red County

Flint County

Flint Range


Tierra Robada

Bone County

Las Colinas


Glen Park

Los Flores

East Beach

East Los Santos

Playa del Seville

El Corona



Little Mexico

Conference Center

Pershing Square




Ocean Docks

Los Santos International

Verdant Bluffs

Verona Beach

Santa Maria Beach







Downtown Los Santos

Mulholland Intersection

Blackfield Chapel

Randolph Industrial Estate

Last Dime Motel

Rockshore West

Rockshore East

Linden Side Sobell Rail Yards

Julius Thruway South

LVA Freight Depot

Las Venturas Airport

Greenglass College


Whitewood Estates

Pilson Intersection

Yellow Bell Golf Course

Julius Thruway West

K.A.C.C. Military Fuels

Julius Thruway North

Julius Thruway East

Harry Gold Parkway


Linden Station

Blackfield Intersection

Prickle Pine

Redsands East

Redsands West

Roca Escalante

Old Venturas Strip

The Strip

The Clown's Pocket

The Emerald Isle

Starfish Casino

Royal Casino

The Camel's Toe


Pirates in Men's Pants

The Visage

Caligula's Palace

The Four Dragons Casino

The Pink Swan

The High Roller



Calton Heights

Bayside Marina


Gant Bridge

Battery Point

Esplanade North



Juniper Hollow

Juniper Hill

Santa Flora




City Hall




Ocean Flats


Avispa Country Club

Missionary Hill

Foster Valley

Easter Bay Airport

Easter Basin

Esplanade East

Kincaid Bridge

Kincaid Bridge

Kincaid Bridge

Garver Bridge

Garver Bridge

Garver Bridge

El Quebrados

Aldea Malvada

Las Payasadas

Las Brujas

Las Barrancas

Fort Carson

Green Palms

Octane Springs

Hunter Quarry





Palomino Creek

Angel Pine

Mount Chiliad

The Panopticon

Blueberry Acres

Hampton Barns

Fern Ridge

North Rock

Hankypanky Point

The Sherman Dam

Regular Tom

Hilltop Farm

Back o Beyond

Shady Creeks

Shady Cabin

The Farm

Leafy Hollow

Fallen Tree

Easter Bay Chemicals

Verdant Meadows

Flint Range

Beacon Hill

Arco del Oeste

El Castillo del Diablo

Flint Intersection

Montgomery Intersection

Robada Intersection

Bayside Tunnel

Easter Tunnel

Mulholland Intersection

Restricted Area

Lil' Probe Inn

'The Big Ear'

Valle Ocultado

The Mako Span

Fallow Bridge

Martin Bridge

Frederick Bridge

Flint Water

Fisher's Lagoon

San Fierro Bay

San Fierro Bay

Sherman Reservoir

San Andreas Sound

Los Santos Inlet


Unity Station

Market Station

Cranberry Station

Linden Station

Yellow Bell Station

Saint Mark's

De Koch De Koch

CD Shop

Sex Shop

Schnidt & Priss Arcox Electrical

Cheap Electrical

Cheap Furn


Nice Idea



Hospital 1

Hospital 2

Hospital 3

Motel Check In

City Planning Dept.


Online play reference -

....our girlfriend has fixed your vehicle. Car bombs are $500 each. Park it, prime it by pressing the ~o~ or ~K~ and LEG IT! Park it, prime it by pressing ~J~ and LEG IT! Later that day... NETWORK PLAY SELECT CONFIGURATION HOST GAME JOIN GAME PROTOCOL: HARDWARE: ISP NAME: Save Game Brief Display Map OK Crouch Look behind ~C~ Sub-mission Sub-mission ~C~ Loading... Save File 1 Not Present Save File 2 Not Present Save File 3 Not Present Save File 4 Not Present Save File 5 Not Present Save File 6 Not Present Save File 7 Not Present Save File 8 Not Present Changing audio output to STEREO. Please wait... ~x~ Select ~t~ Back Stop Legend Hold Zoom > < - N\A Mesa Grande Player position Air yard Ammu-Nation Barbers Big Smoke Boat Yard Burger Shot Catalina Cesar CJ Crash Enemy Attack Fire Girlfriend Hospital Loco Maddog Mafia MC Strap Mod Garage Police Property for sale Property not for sale Race Ryder Safe House School Pay 'n' Spray Sweet Tattoo The Truth Toreno Toreno's Ranch Triads Triads ....
~z~Very clever. So what's the prognosis? ~z~Is this just going to be extremely difficult, or next-to-impossible? ~z~Hear me out on this, homie. ~z~Alright, the cash room is on the bottom level. ~z~There's a bunch of rooms and a tunnel under the whole building ~z~with access to the casino floors at either end of the complex. Alright? ~z~Now, security consists of CCTV, a keycode access and, in places, a swipe card. ~z~Hey, are you pointing again? ~z~Oh, my bad - habit. ~z~Ah, don't worry; it's good practice for when we ~z~finally get a crew in on this. ~z~Yeah, I know. ~z~Hey boss, this arrived for CJ. ~z~Hey, hey hey hey! Damn, man - now he's seen the plans! ~z~Well, then we've got our first recruit. ~z~Come on in and shut the door. ~z~Alright, cool. This is a security card reader that Zero's sent over. ~z~Now all we need to do is get one of those cards... ~z~Luckily, there's always one guaranteed weak link in any security set up. ~z~The human heart. ~z~Another shift over! See you tomorrow! ~z~That was a long shift! See you tomorrow! ~z~Wow, it's nice and tight! ~z~I'm sure you'll squeeze in just fine! ~z~Let's have a look. ~z~Perfect! ~z~Oh hi, Benny... ~z~Yes, master, I'm just trying it on. ~z~You got yours? ~z~Cool, I'll see you at my house in a short while. ~z~The door's open, Master! ~z~Come on in, I'm ready for you! ~z~You've been a naughty girl! ~z~Oh I know! I know! ~z~Hey baby, I'm a need that security card and entry code for Caligula's. ~z~Oh Benny, you minx! ~z~I'll never tell, you wicked man, never, NEVER! ~z~Where's the keycard? ~z~Confess! ~z~You'll never break me! ~z~Enough, master! ~z~The card's in my car outside! ~z~And now, gimme the code! ~z~Spit it out, filthy worm! ~z~Hey, if you good, I'll punish you more. ~z~I can take it! ~z~Do your worst! ~z~No more! You've broken me! ~z~Gimme the code, you worthless trash! ~z~God, you're good at this! ~z~I know you're not Benny! ~z~Give me your number I have to see you again. ~z~ENTRY CODE NOW! ~z~Oh! It's... ~z~A. ~z~B. ~z~C. ~z~D. ~z~E. ~z~F. ~z~I'll call you, master, I promise! ~z~Now I know you're blind, man - but you gotta see this. ~r~You no longer have the gimp suit. ~s~Get to ~y~Caligula's Palace casino~s~. ~r~You failed to excite her. Press ~o~ to swing the dildo. Spankometer ~s~You need to get her to give you the keycard. ~s~You need to get her to give you the code. You have another girlfriend. You will have to wine and dine her before she will give you the keycard. ~s~Park up outside the ~y~Croupier's house~s~. SPOOK-O-METER ~s~The gimp will be arriving shortly, wait around and make sure he doesn't make it to the Croupier's house. ~r~The gimp has reached the house! ~s~The gimp has nearly reached the house! ~s~The ~r~Croupier ~s~has a keycard and knows the code, follow her. ~s~If you get too close you'll spook her, but if she gets too far ahead you'll lose her. ~s~She's gone into the ~y~sex shop~s~, follow her inside. ~s~Go and get a ~g~gimp suit~s~. ~s~Wait for the gimp to arrive, then take him out and take his place. ~s~Enter the ~y~house~s~. ~s~The gimps making a run for it, don't let him get away! ~s~The ~r~Croupier~s~ has left the shop. Follow her but remember not to get too close. ~s~The ~r~Croupier~s~ is almost out of sight, you need to get closer! ~s~You're too close, back off before you spook her! ~s~The gimp is about to get away, stop him! ~s~Get the keycard from her ~r~car~s~. ~r~You killed the croupier! ~r~The gimp got away! ~r~You lost her! ~r~You got too close! ~r~You destroyed her car, she's not going to help you now! ~r~You destroyed her car and the keycard! SPOOK-O-METER ~s~The gimp is on his way. ~s~Now that the gimp's out of the way go and ring the ~y~doorbell~s~. ~s~Get rid of the gimp. ~s~The Croupier is in here somewhere, find her. ~s~Leave the shop and go after the Croupier. ~r~Something's spooked the Croupier! ~s~Get to the ~y~casino~s~.     

Hehe. Spank-o-meter. :devil:


did you know that one of truths missions was taken out?

its called 'the truth is out there'.

you have to rescue truth, who is stoned, from area 51.

also,i think that another was taken out. there is a big millitary/government building near the cock rock.

and near the skate park in LS, there is an office building with an interior. it seems strange to give a big building its own interior when it isnt used, or even accessible.


The Truth: Yo CJ. I've nosed too deep this time

CJ: I've told you about that stuff, Truthman! Lay off the 'caine, dude.

The Truth: No. I didn't mean that. The grey government want me out of the way.

CJ: Yo, speak up.

The Truth: I'm in Bayside, Whole town is crawling with dudes in black suits. I need your help, CJ.

The Truth: I've done some mushrooms, but it hasn't calmed me down at all. CJ! They're after me

CJ: Yo, calm down, I'm on my way.

The game's code even includes the game's warning popups.

Carl. Yo, we gotta rescue The Truth.

Get back in!

There's been a change of plan.

Get back in!

Federal agents are chasing The Truth for wandering around Area 51!

Escort The Truth taking out anyone trying to kill him.

Heli Health

Truth Health

Escort The Truth's car to safety

The Truth died!

The Truth's car was destroyed how is he gonna get away now?

There were a few other missions taken out, including Roadside Assistance and All Terrain Takedown. Its obvious the reason TTIOT was taken out was because they messed up and said Area 51 instead of Area 69. ATTD was removed because, in the mission, you had to go and start gang wars under a certain time limit. They took it out to instead let you take them over on your own free time. I don't know why Roadside Assistance was taken out, because I can't find its assigned script yet.


What's popping?

Ain't nothin'.

Hey Bear.

Whattup, homie

Everything is locked down and cool here.

How is the Varrio?

Yo, it's all cool down there.

Yo, I want TENPENNY. It's time.

Man, that lowlife motherf*cker could be anywhere.

Look what he's done to all of us, man.

Only Smoke would know where he's at.

Where's Smoke?

You heard what B Dup said.

Smoke ain't on the streets no more.

Stays in his den, don't go to no one.

But he's still pushing?

Yeah, but only to a select circle of cats.

Yo, even B Dup got cut off.

Wait, there is a Russian cat.

Just stays in his spot on the other side of town.

I think he copped off Smoke.

A'ight. I'm gonna go speak with this Russian cat,

see if he can lead me to that fat f*ck Smoke.Where's Smoke?


You know the rules, comrade, I can't tell you where he is!

Yeah, I know the rules;

I hit you until you start talking or you stop bleeding!

Oh man!

Hell, he's holed up in an old apartment block

over Los Flores way.

It's easy enough to spot - they got the whole block under control.

No one gets in or out without Smoke's say so!

Holy f*ck!

I'm gonna make sure Smoke knows you're coming,you dumb bastard!

Go to the Market area of town and take over all of the Los Santos Vagos territory.

Attack the Los Santos Vagos gang members and take over the territory.

The enemy gang have retaken the territory, go and take it over. 


Yes, there was supposed to be a skateboard. Yes, there was supposed to be a 3rd OGF member. Yes, there were supposed to be Brothels, and the ability to go inside your girlfriends house. Get over it.


Also, some people have noticed a deer's head in the textures of SA. Actually, the deer's head is displayed in Colonel's F.'s house, as a trophy.


BTW, I think the FBI Truck was used in The Truth is Out There, and you can get the Launch inside the SF Naval Base.


You know, in the early previews of SA, for some reason, the Vagos were called the Flats.


Anyway, I looked up "Strap" under the American.gxt file, and, oddly enough, all of OG Loc's missions while working at Burgershot are marked under the code STRAP (Strap1, Strap2, etc.).. :D


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They was going to be a fourth ogf gangster in the los sepercros mission they is a bald homie that doesent look like the other three . Do you know what gangster i am talking about ?

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They was going to be a fourth ogf gangster in the los sepercros mission they is a bald homie that doesent look like the other three . Do you know what gangster i am talking about ?

yeah i know what one youre talking about i seen him running around in an ad for the game they say hes in the game :evil:

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Yeah she was one of Madd Dogg's bitches

i didnt think she was suppose to be in the game, she was just there for the box art. Just like the two twins wearing the pink bikini in Vice City, they were not suppose to be in the game, just there for the box art.

Correct me if im wrong

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Tommys right all 3 gta games have additional people for the boxart they were not intended to be in the game .

This is about deleted things in San andreas.. not the boxart people. :rolleyes:

Are you still searching for things?

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Nick Kang said that the girl was taken out of the game. But she wasent even suppose to be in the game in the first place. Just for boxart

It turned into a discussion about people in the box art not being in the final version of the game. Please don't try to argue with me over things ;).

That 'The truth is out there' mission sounds hard.

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ok, whatever, ok, ok, ok, your the boss

:lol: Dont get all.. scared or w.e..( I see some sarcasm) Just going through 2 pages of topics you dont want to go in gets annoying.

Yeah, the first version of smoke looked better, imo. Weren't they supposed to change clothes every once in a while?

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They was going to be a fourth ogf gangster in the los sepercros mission they is a bald homie that doesent look like the other three .

He is in the mission Green Saber, I think.

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No dude thats cesar. Anyways your back? :nope::nope::nope:

Back on topic, the guy in green sabre in cesar dude...

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Guest KingofCrunck

The FBI truck was deleted from the game also

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i duno if its because this is an old topic, but all pics are dead, and i realy wanted t osee them, if anyone saved them can you please PM me them :D



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