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Uh, unfortunately, it's not available for anyone to use, it's my own and yeah, thanks for the comment! I'll be posting another version which is a little more complete real shortly. And again, thanks for the help, I never knew I spelt "recognizing" wrong. :P


Edited. Changed and Added:


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Looks nicer with content, I would have used lorem ipsum, but that's just me. You uhh... also spelt sponsor wrong. :P Will you be making any more templates for the other GTA games and possibly use them on different areas of the site?

I really want to kill you right now. :P Thanks again. I might make another GTA Related Template for my site for different areas (e.g. for VC I have to make a different template).

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I come bearing more grave news. You also spelt submit wrong. :P Something that would be cool though is like, a drop down box so users can select different skins, but it would be difficult getting all the same content to show on different area's of the site though.

EDIT: Continuing on from what Deji said, you should try to lay off the scanlines for a bit.

Edited by GTA Don
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Lets hope it's back up soon. I miss being a Moderator on there, it was a fun job (Hardly had to do anything :P Except suspend two members for flaming us but they got there asses handed to them :D). The template looks good but I think you overused the grunge effect, that's what's downgraded it to a good and not an excellent (Speakez the Truth).

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:lol: Ash, we can wait, and ask for someone to make us a GTA homepage, cant we? :P

TM made it for his site, only I think.

@TM: Good work TM! Do you think your site TheStreetsOfGTA will be done yet? It's not letting me get on it. :S

Yeah, it's currently offline. I have a few weeks of exams, so probably after my exams, I'll start working on my website, and probably soon, I'll be developing this template to a better one. I might also try to make a forum skin up for my IP. Board once I get one.

And thanks mate. :)

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