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Is God Real


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I heard that tommorow (10th September 2008 around 8:00pm) scientists will use a particle exelorator to try and recreate the big bang. I heard rumors around the Quad, that a Huge Explosion, Black Hole or Tornado will kill us all. I didn't belive it at first, and still think it will have either Little, or No effect on us. But I looked on the Intenet, and lots of sites are saying it will have a big impact on climate change, and different effects on places in the world: Here is a Map I found Labeling It:


What do you think?

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I agree. I don't think it will kill us. But even my Geography Teacher (hes head of the Geographyu department) even said they were reamaking it tommorow. I also heared that the Earth may end in 21st December 2012, because thats when the Myan Calender ened. They were right about strangeres from the east coming, and wiping them all out (the spanish inveders of Mexico), they predicted Jesus (but thats only belief), and if this was right,they must have had some basis for thinking this, so why stop the calelender there, why bother making it go this far, and if I was making it, i woud at least put it to the end of the year. I bet I sound like some crazy Doomsayer now don't I

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And I qoute:

THE biggest-ever experiment to unlock secrets of the Big Bang could cause the end of the world, say scientists trying to get a court to stop the plan.

Opponents fear the $A9.3 billion Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, which will smash pieces of atoms together at high speed to generate temperatures of more than a trillion degrees centigrade, may create a mini black hole that could swallow the planet.

The facility is due to go live on September 10.

The scientists have lodged a lawsuit at the European Court for Human Rights against 20 countries that fund the scheme.

But the project's scientists dismissed the fears as "absurd".

Large particle colliders have been used by scientists to smash atoms together for more than 30 years, but the LHC is the biggest and most powerful ever built.

It will fire atomic particles around the 27.3km circular tunnel 11,245 times a second before smashing them into each other.

The result will, for a split second, replicate the conditions that theoretically existed in the moments immediately after the birth of the universe, known as the Big Bang.

Opponent Otto Rossler says it could instead spawn mini black holes which, within four years, could grow big enough to suck the earth inside out.

They claim the experiment violates the right to life under the European Convention of Human Rights.

Professor Rossler, a German chemist, said the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) has admitted its project creates black holes but doesn't consider them to be a risk.

"My own calculations have shown it is quite plausible that these little black holes survive and will grow exponentially and eat the planet from the inside," he warned.

"I have been calling for CERN to hold a safety conference to prove my conclusions wrong but they have not been willing."


There is a high powered scientific device called a Super Collider located on the border between France and Switzerland. it is a ring-shaped tunnel 17 miles long.

They will "shoot" a subatomic particle down this tunnel and very close to the speed of light. Starting at the other end of the tunnel, they will shoot another particle goiong in the opposite direction.

When these two particle hit each other, there is a POSSIBILITY that it will produce a black hole.

Now, here's the secret with black holes -- the smaller they are, the faster the "evaporate". They disappear, leaving only Hawking radiation behind. the smaller they are, the faster they "evaporate".

The black holes made by this new supercollider are about the size of atoms -- that is, IF it can actually produce one. Black holes this small will disappear in less than a second.

So there is nothing to fear. IF this produces a black hole, it will be toosmall to do any damage, and it will disappear in less than a second

22 hours ago

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Didn't we have a topic about this thing a few months ago? Y'know, BEFORE it wound up on international news.

If it does what it's designed to without harm to anybody, excellent. If it craps out and does nothing, fine. If it kills us all, I might as well spend my last hours on Earth brutally killing all my retarded neighbors instead of posting about it here.

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It was on the news a few minutes ago. This is the bullshit that has been going around my school. I'm not worried, they've managed to do the experiment before and it was done safely.

It is called LHC, it will try and crash two atoms together in an attempt to recreate the big bang, it is located on the Franco-Swiss border in Europe.

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First of all, they can't prove God didn't exist, I don't think you guys are thinking at all. Look into a religion before you just make random theories about why people don't want it to go off... Connor that's really ridiculous.

Now, this has been news for a while now, it was supposed to go off in May, but it didn't, it got delayed until now. It could indeed make a black hole and stuff, and it might not. In all honesty, what the fuck are we doing this for if it could do this much trouble?

Also, Thomas, THIS has never been done before at this level, there's been other colliders but this is the largest.

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I say, its better to belive somthing, not nothing...

What if your belief is believing in 'nothing' (when the belief of science exists)

If there really was a hugely proportionate chance we'd die, they wouldn't do it. Why destroy the Human race whilst trying to find out how where we live was created?

Irony ftw.

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