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How was Google before...


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We have Google set as the home page for the following reasons:

  1. It has no commercials.
  2. When you get on the internet you are ready to search.
  3. Due to fact#1 it loads quicker than other search engines.
  4. We can now customize our Google front page.
  5. Google is rarely unavailable

I dont change my webpage at all. Well I do update the news and links but overall I try to continue with what works on my pages. Google hasn't changed much and it works. If it isn't broke why fix it? Long ago Yahoo was top dog I don't even use their email anymore, and the last time I was at yahoo it looked cluttered.

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How is 1.5mbps slow? When I first got Internet it was 36.6.kbps. Which was incredibly fast!

Fast? 56k took hours to load what'd take a sec with 8mb/s when I had it. Although, maybe you were using a service with not many people online at the time? And you must have done the 20% bandwidth thing like meh ;) 1.5 is a good speed though. Especially since everyone uses 8mb, it actually is faster if you're on a hardly used service.

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