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Economy Crash - Discuss


Yes or no?  

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  1. 1. Happening or no?

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I thought that it had already happened and I just slept through the whole thing. :P

Seriously, the whole national debt is a fraud. How can you borrow money from yourself? The US banks don't have money (think about it) they have paper that represents money which is no longer based on our gold or they have data in PC's that state you own the bank X amount and the bank holds X amount that belongs to you. There are comericals on TV and radio trying to trick people into selling their gold jewerly. Gold is money, which makes me think Fort Knox must be empty. :erm:

This country has been using Christmas Holiday far too long as a crutch to boost the economy. This year maybe worst than last year's Christmas season. My brother and I had a nice family Christmas with a minimum of presents. Dad gave us $150 each to go shopping after Christmas and take advantage of markdowns. Then in May he gave us $300 each and said George Bush thinks it will stimulate the economy. Didn't seem to do much but I enjoyed spending it. If this Christmas shopping day aka (Black Sunday) is any idea of the shape of our economy then we are spinning around the drain and just waiting.

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I voted Yes it will happen, as soon as Bush sent out £350 Billion to countries across the world, the Markets went up but over the next few days they started decreasing. We are going to go into another Economic Crash, it is certain to happen.

I can say that it is getting worse over here not only with Fuel Prices going up to about 107 (Diesel) and 130 pence (Petroleum) per Litre but it's getting ridiculous how much the shopping is beginning to cost, a few years ago it would usually cost just around £50 to buy the normal stuff we eat in our house and now it's rising above £100 for the same items.

I am certain it is going to happen.

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Short, sweet and absolutely right.

The US's economy can't possibly crash...at least not as easily as it did back in 1929.

In 1933 an act was passed that would protect individuals from losing large sums of the money that they have in the bank. This act is the FDIC.

The main reason or the only reason the great depression happened was because the Stock market crashed and banks went under.

Now that the government steps in when banks go under, we don't have to worry nearly as much about anything like that from happening again.

Don't get worried!

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