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Merry Christmas Everyone!


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I hope everyone has a wonderful day and you all get what you want. :P

Remember, it's about giving, not revieving. SO GIVE A LITTLE!!! :innocent:

EDIT: Didn't notice this \/

Yeah I'm getting a "32 HD Samsung, should be great. What about you?

I'm getting a shit load of games and DVDs(hopefully). Then possibly a headset for my PS3, a longer lasting battery for my camcorder and maybe some other things that I'm forgetting about.

I'm planning on getting a new TV soon. I heard the prices on them are gonna drop really low after Christmas.

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It's 11:43 PM here in Northern California. I plan on going out in the living room(which is 3 steps away from where I am) AT EXACTLY 12:00 AM and running to my parents and screaming," IT'S FUCKING CHRISTMAS"..... :lol:

Anywho, I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas, Hannuka, La Navidad, or whatever the hell you're having. :)

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Merry fucking Christmas, douchebags. I got all my gifts two days ago, so all I have to look forward to today is a Christmas lunch with family I haven't seen since last Christmas, even though I live THREE miles away from them.

How come you got them earlier than usual?

I've just set up my new TV and I am about to try out Resistance 2 :) Merry Christmas... again!

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Merry Christmas from the Coca-Cola Santa and ToonSkull!

Well promptly at 12:30 am the baby Jesus slid down my chimney and lucky for him we no longer use it since we switched from gas to electric heat this year. The little fellow brushed off the soot and pulled the following items from his sack:

  • Deathnote Manga! YEAH!
  • Death Note the Movie DVD!
  • John Glenn Highschool Hoodie
  • John Glenn Highschool sweatshirt

Well he turned and laying a finger aside his nose ---okay maybe the finger was in his nose--- up the chimney he rose.

Other presents I received from family members were:

  • A mp3 player
  • book "Invisibility & Levitation" by Commander X - You know I got to try this!!
  • miscellaneous clothing too many to list
  • various video game software both PC and PS2
  • and one of my personal favorites CASH $$$

Mom and Dad said we could unwrap gifts after Joshua got home from his Christmas party last night. He came in a bit after midnight. Any similarities between my brother and the baby Jesus are just coincidence.

Have FUN! But if you have too much fun ---don't name it after me--- the kid will get teased to death with a name like ToonSkull.

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