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Post your mugshots v3!


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I'll get us back on topic then...


Long hair is long. Though you can't really tell from the pic. But yeah I haven't had it cut since the last pics I posted, which were taken in January. So it's been 3 months, longest I've ever gone without having it cut. Was hoping it would look decent when longer but because of my shitty hairline and the fact it kinda curls at the ends when long, there's nothing I can do with it that looks good on me. So yeah it's a fucking mess here, didn't even bother to gel it or anything... having it cut tomorrow so I'll be back to normal :P

Also that is a terrible picture, apologies in advance if I drove any viewers away from the topic :P

Been working out there Chris? Rofl.

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Holiday photo:


I must admit I don't look quite bad in this one. Typically that is what I'd wear every weekend (style-wise not the same jeans). Two of my dogs are in this picture, the one in the background is Dusty. She is a whippet and is of brindle colour. The other dog is a greyhound and she is called Missy, she is by far the cutest of the dogs simply because she puts on looks when she wants tickles, claps, food etc. It was taken on Calgary Beach near Dervaig (Dearbhaig is its non-Anglicised name and its name in Scottish Gaelic), the village we were staying in during the holiday in Mull.

I must disagree completely.

I agree (with rem not MeZaMe(?))

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I assume it would be for stopping it biting things.

It's for stopping her from biting my other dog, she has a habit of just biting her and the eating the sofa. She only wears it when we're on a beach or when she is off the lead. She's harmless to humans unless they start pulling her ears or standing on her (well she doesn't act nicely to dogs standing on her).

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Without hair?! wtf Chris would look like!?

Like Timothy Olyphant in Hitman (the movie). Minus the bar-coded neck.

But no I'm not bald, I just have short hair right now. Not a shaven head, just short. I look pretty much the same as the pic I posted on the first page of this topic, but with maybe a a couple of cm shorter hair than that, that's all.

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