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Lol, I like the brazilian soap operas we get here in Portugal :P

Anyway, Since you were talking about movies and all I'll just go with that.

Saw two movies in the cinema these past 2 days.

Limits of Control- Awesome movie, really different from usual stuff, can't really describe it since it's sort of weird and I don't want to spoil it for anyone but if you're in the mood for something different, watch it.

Two lovers- At first I thought it was going to be the usual love crap but it's instead a good drama movie with some obvious love themes. Quite different from the typical love story so if you're into that, I'd recommend.

Now I'm looking forward to see Public Enemies and Tarantino's new movie.

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I was at my grandpas for the past few days and my step-aunt asked me what movie I wanted to see and I said Borat cause she had a few movies. Man that movie was fucked up. I saw Alpha Dog. Not much more sane but atleast it had a story. I wonder how fucked up Bruno is gonna be.

And for books, im not the reading type, but a few good books I recently read was The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, That Was Then, This Is Now by S.E. Hinton and Son of the Mob by Mario Puzo. All were great books I recommend them for all those who like the more violent books.

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Did you watch Borat with your Step-Aunt, or on your own? Because I wouldn't like watching it with a parent-type figure for the embarrassing bits in the film. Like the naked chase scene, with Borat and the rubber fist, and the naked wrestling as well. Phucked up. And I got quoted twice in the new issue of PLAY, yay, go me. It's gotta be at least 15 quotes now in that mag for me.

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Five fines in one month..


Fuck the system.

For what?

For loads of very, very stupid things.

- Cycling on motorway. I know it's stupid, but I was lost and was cycling for the past 3 hours. It seemed to be the only way to find some place I knew before dawn.

- Lost my ticket in Public Transport.. Sucks hardcore. I always have a ticket, but lost it that time. Exactly at the time they were checking... They never check.. ):

- Driving on a road for cyclists.. I used to cycle there every single goddamned day in the past 4 years.. Forgot to turn and just thought "Ah, fuck it. It's sunday morning, nobody is going to be here.." Well, except for police that is..

- Cycling without lights on.. Well, just was a cycleride of like half a minute and my friend had cut his hand open. Was to busy trying to get him fixed up and forgot turning on my light..

- Driving without light. Yeah, fuck, I didn't even have the chance to turn them on. I just started and was immediately stopped..

That's 350 USD down the drain (250 EUR).

On the other hand, I'm now earning 150 EUR a week with my parttime job, which, considering my age, isn't all that bad. You know, just working evening, after school and stuff.

Speaking of library books, I still have one here.. have had it for the pst two years. Guess I can keep it.. they seem to have forgotten. Book is about the Hubble Telescope by the way, and though that sounds about as boring as having a glass of water at 5 AM, it's actually pretty interesting.

PS: yeah, who knows.. Considering the amount of times I'm drunk lately, public indecency might just not be so far fetched.. I'm sure the time will arrive for that, too.

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I for one, suspect Jace's fines to be overdue library books.

You rebellious little library goer you!!

I suspected possession, myself.

Library fines = hardcore rebel.

I refused to meet my ex's family for dinner because they scared me and they were so racist it pissed me off.

I have like over 10 dollars in library fees. At like a fucking quarter a piece.

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