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If you had a touch phone...



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  1. 1. What will you use.

    • The pen
    • Your fingers.

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I would use both.

When you're going out, would you want to get a pen out of your pocket? I mean some are actually just integrated within the phone so that's not a problem. I would use my fingers mainly, but the pen also seems fine at this point too. I would prefer to use both, and if my flavour doesn't actually reach to one, I can easily just change from one to the next. Simple really.

And yeah, I wouldn't exactly like smudging the screen, but hey, that's why there's a cloth, isn't there?

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Depends on my mood. I use my fingers often, although I poke stuff with a stylus sometimes, such as when I use my dad's Nokia 5800. My best bet is to add a protective film on the screen, so that in case of scratches, you won't end up ruining the screen itself especially if you text often.

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I've got a touch phone. Out of laziness I usually use fingers, but I actually do prefer using a stylus.

Fingers,of course. I have better control on my fingers than a pen.

What? The reason people do like using a stylus is because it gives MORE control, not less.

Meh, big deal. Fingers is ok too..

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