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GTA 3 takes top game of the decade on Yahoo!


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Grand Theft Auto 3 takes the top spot on Yahoo's video game section. I was reading through it, rather appalled by some of the selections, but I know they got at least one right ;] Pretty nice feeling seeing the game that started this community on top of a list such as this one.

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Well GTA3 was a pretty cool game, like sherman said when I played it I think I was 11 or 12 too. My first moments playing I remember I went up to some guy in a suit (mafia guy) and just started a fistfight, then he pulled out a gun and capped me lol. It definitely was a groundbreaking type thing.

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Where's HALO CE?

GTA 3 was ok, i was 6 when i got it and i was like yay much better than GTA2 on dreamcast finally more realistic, i stopped as soon as you know what happens to Old Sal.

I put Vice City on after that, and was like wowzers so much better you can ride bikes yay!!! never had SA

gta 3 inspired othr stuff tho

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It's a great achievement sure, but for me not the game of the decade. A nice honour for the development team, one to tell the grandkids about. And I was 13 and a bit, 7 years ago, but then all my friends had the GTA games and they were the same age too. I remember going on tank rampages around the whole city, they really ought to bring that back. Never did get to grips with the Dodo, couldn't fly it at all so didn't get to see the hidden sections in the game.

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