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Okay but I disagree with you. Yes he is short, but he's not gangsta wannabe. You know he was a drug dealer from Hollis in Queens before he took on rap? People may disagree because of his female audience hits but that doesn't change the fact he isn't a wannabe. You want wannabe gangsta, look up 'G Unit'

And his annoying voice is unique, in a good way at least to me.

Eminem/Trick Trick - Welcome to Detroit.

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Well, the funny thing is both Ja Rule AND 50 Cent grew up less than 10 minutes from each other. Ja was from Hollis and 50 was from Jamaica both which are right next to each other in Queens. I think they even went to the same high school before Ja Rule changed to a different one, and they both sold drugs (Ja = Ecstasy, 50 = Probably crack or something) to support themselves. If 50 Cent was never shot in 2000, him and Ja Rule would have been fighting since 1999, and not 2003.

The reason why I believe G Unit isn't so is they say it too much. It's sort of like "I am a G, I want you to acknowledge it" whereas you have people like Nas, or Dre who grew up pretty much the same way but don't always call themselves Gangsta, because their music reputation speaks for them.


Lloyf ft. Lil Wayne - You

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