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What are you listening to right now?


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Soulja Boy - YAHHH!

If I could. I would kill you.

Souljah boy has to be the least talented person in the world.

He puts shame to hip-hop.

Compare his "so-called" music to that of Big L or Dre Dre or Biggie Smalls or any other rapper except Lil Wayne also known as Souljah boy 2 .

Ya'll should start listening to Aussie hip Hop. I mean Australian hip hop heads have been kind enough to listen to US and UK rap for years. Yet you never see a English or American listening to Bliss N Eso or Drapht Or Hilltop Hoods or Pegz Or Muph & Plutonic. Meh It's too good for ya's anyway.

Back on topic.

I'm listening to Da Rockwilder - Method Man & Redman

Thank you for dissing Soulja Boy, aka Soulja Fag.

I like Bliss and Esso kinda, but I am being forced at gunpoint to listen to American music, now im listening to:

What them girls like - Ludacris and Chris Brown.

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I still can't believe the retard, Soulja Boy, released another album. God.

Letter - High and Mighty Color

Did he realease another after souljaboytellem.com?

OH SHIT!!!!!!!

James Bond Theme - Eliot Schrienier's version


Has a download link also.

The person who made this is offering the song for free, not like its a pirate...

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