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GTA Spain anyone?


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10 days ago we posted about a possible image of the next-gen Grand Theft Auto. The image started to appear on french website "Jeux-France" and has since made a few trips around the web getting people excited, dissapointed and even made them hoping for more. Rockstar Games themselves says that the image was not of any GTA game currently in development.

So a few days ago I was contacted by Pelayo and Sergio from Oviedo, Spain. They say when they saw the image they was stunnned to see it, cause they walk past those buildings each day. I started to ask them some questions and further on I tried to find out if there is any building developement in the area or if the buildings seen in the image was maybe build recently. They said yes, it was just finished recently. So this "next-gen gta" screenshot that we are seeing could be very likely just a computer render used to show how the finished building is going to look used for plannings etc.

What makes it a bit interesting is that it is infact Europe and there is a good change Rockstar will go there for the next Grand Theft Auto. For now its pure speculation and alot more fakes and rumours will be heading your way every now and then. The day we recieve actual screenshots from Rockstar, magazines or other media sources, we will be sure to have them right over here.

click here for more images

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Well, I see how silent and invisible the MAFIA in Italy is...in one of the last articles in our "Der Spiegel" I've read sth. about the MAFIA in Neapel and the writer described the violent situation around these areas and I am amazed that you call that "silent and invisible". Furthermore, what about Silvio Berlusconi? He also made some deals with the "MAFIA" and I think mvi's idea isn't that bad.

One last thing PORCODIO, one year ago I was in Hong Kong and Shenzhen for two weeks in summer and last month I spent 4 weeks in the U.S. in cities like Philly and NYC (I've visited a friend in Landisville, PA) and I can tell ya...you see more crazy bums in urban cities in the U.S. than in asian cities, however, I would prefer a next asian-GTA like you as well! ;)

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the Naples one isn't Mafia, its name is Camorra and its do unorganized, thats why there are lots of power battles into it.

Silvio Berlusconi is only an incompetent motherfucker and his laws are comfortable for the mafia, thats why all the votes in sicily are for him, i dont want to spend another word for that piece of shit.

I'm so sure that us. and asian metropolis are more risky than any italian city.

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While I'd like for the next one to stay in the U.S i think they're running out of good U.S cities to base it on. Japan would be quite good, thoug lots of writing in the game (shops names, restaraunts, trains etc.) would have to be in Japanese and that might detract a little. How about GTA Australia? :D

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