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Please vote for my sig !


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He probably didnt make the one hes wearing now.

IMO i wouldnt notice a black border, but thats just me, i would say either a yellow border to tie in with the text or a white one cause white always looks good. well most of the time it does.

Its your first like you said, and im no one to judge peoples imaging 7/10.

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:) It was actually 400x400 , and it turned out pretty cool . But i resized it to make the proper size of a sig , and the words make it damn. The one i'm wearing now , i didnt make it . Anyway thanks for the comments , i'll make some more later on .

Oh and yes i use adobe photoshop .

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second one isnt that bad..

i wont be sugar coated, ill give you some constructive criticism..

the first one shouldnt be so blue.. colourize it less.. i give it a 2.5/10

open it and press CTRL + U and tone the 'saturation' down..

the font is too squished and make it smoother.. its too sharp..

second one isnt that bad, more of a 4.5/10, just make the font smoother.. next to the font size in photoshop there is drop down box with sharp, crisp, smooth and stuff.. try different ones..

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