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I have an idea for the empire building page for VCS.

Why not use the info which came with the book, its the best info you can get on it.

What do you think?

That sounds liek an okay idea.I'll think later for the empire state building cause I got nothing right now.Idea wise.But should only people ingangs be able to dowhatever we'll decide what to do?

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if you want i can get some pic's of glitch's for san andreas if you want,and WTF it wont let me add a attachment?!? it doesnt show the "add this attachment" help..... :erm:

this is really pissing me off,i have pic's of glitch's in san andreas (NRG500 no engine glitch) and this really wierd one,the only thing you see is the guys head...sticking out of the ground.... :weird:

here are some pics i uploaded in this topic


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