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I love acting, I love what we are doing. Im a very violent prisoner and I beat up a warden. Its wierd our group has Alex (guy) as the warden and the girls are prisoners. yet we are playing men, it works really well though.

hey dont worry about thinking Im a guy so many people on here think that at first.

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This is the VERY best day of my life.

I woke up at 9AM, eated some breakfast and wented to a hockeygame against a team called Munksund/Öjebyn (two teams that merged together) thats about 90 kilometres away from here.

We tied against them last weekend, And the judge was bribed to make them win (This is confirmed!). So I was really tagged when i got there.

We start to warm up with some running, press-ups and so on. Then to the match, I was in the same line as to 91's (born 1991, My team is 1992) so it felt kinda good. We played together on the pratice yesterday and it was alright.

-----------The Match

My line was up first, We started pretty good. After about 30s or so, The center and RW (right wing) was heading to the bech when i got the puck on our own blue-line. I passed up to a guy named Oscar, And he scored. 1-0 to us in the first minute. It felt good.

We kept goin, and we had 2-0 at the end of the first period. When we go out to play the second, It goes bad. We lost our lead, 2-3 when we go out to the dressing rooms to catch our breath.

Its now the fun started, When we get out on the ice for the third period. After 13 minutes (our periodes is 15 minutes long) i get a awsome pass from a guy named Chriso, Im all free with the goalie and puts the puck in the upper left corner. 3-3 and my second goal this season. Its been a though one

And then, When its one minute left, I get my hands on a rebound and press in 4-3! I never been so happy in all my life! The game ends 5-3 to us after a empty net goal by Christo.

----- Later in the dressing room i get a hotdog because our coach cored me to the "Player of the game".

When i get home, I see that my favorite team CRUSHED their opponent in the swedish Elitserien (hockeyleague), A player named Fredrik Bremberg played greatly, And did two assists. The game ended 2-1, Bremberg was the hero with his pass to Johansson that did 2-1 when it was 11 seconds remaining.

That means theres a real fight against the playoff-spots. 5 teams is fighting about three spots. Only 5 points from the 6th to the 10th atm.

This was the longest post i ever written here. =|

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Well done dude :)

Well on friday I went to a party whch was rather fun as I invited my friend and he was the life of the party. I wasnt meant to invite him but Oh well I did anyway.

Last night was the greatest ever me and this guy who went to the party went to London and we walked all around Soho, Picaddily, Trafalger Square and China Town. We had a great time. I think Im seeing him again today to go the park. wooo

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I have had my second head cold in the last two weeks congratulations to me.

Im very confused about my life and cant figure out something that is driving me mad.

My dad is a prick

My friend is confusing me

Many of my friends are getting sick of me as apprantly Im lying to them when Im not.

and Meh.........

This is my wonderful life.

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Ergh I know it sucks. I say "No im not going ou with this guy" They dont believe me and two of my friends are actually pissed off about it. When they saw me and this guy downing the vodka they went and told everyone I was taking it all so most people were pissed off even though they were sad and drunk orange juice

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I got a shitload of Art and Photography to do over the next week, which I dont mind but theres so much of it. Add to this the fact that my photography teacher doesn't like the photographs I took over the weekend (which cost over £30) and it adds up to a miserable day.

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My friends are complete and utter shits. My friend Peter has invited all of us to an 18 club tomorrow. Now none of us are actually 18 expcept him so we are all gonna have to sneak in. Now he told me today "Dont even bother trying to get in as you wont do it" then he tunrs and says to Sarah "I doubt you will get in but it would mean alot if you came so please try" he said that to everyone else but me. I was so pissed off. So all my friends are going but not me as Im not welcome.

Then there is a party soon which is invite only and guess who isnt invited? ME yet all my freinds are going and even my best friend is barely part of that group is invited. They even prefer her to me. It feels like being kicked in the stomach as I know my group doesnt even care about me and just ignores me.

Atleast Skys manwhoring cheers me up like it always does.

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