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I am happy because year 2007 started.I think that in this year i will make good things on the forum.

Still,in this month i will have 4 months of activity on this forum.

Now i will go to watch a movie,play NFS Carbon and sleep a bit.

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Slayer, you shoulda posted that in my drunken topic :P

Well I've wanted to make another OMFG H4PPY N3VV Y34R topic aswell. I've turned on the PC, gone to bathroom and when I came back and had to log in I just said: Nah, I can't be arsed (my laptop takes 10 minutes to load). So I've turned it off and jusg listened to some mp3s.

But that was a cool topic. I doubt I could beat it. If you wanna do something, you've gotta do it yourself. So that means I have to bring some booze if I wanna get drunk. I just don't like beer and when it comes to vine I like it only with coca cola (aka bambus).

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It's the Fast and the Furious. Based on the movie, "Tokyo Drift" definately. I'll get a pic up in a minute.

edit: http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g170/pre...onxx/FandF2.jpg


They're a little blurry, but I don't have steady hands. And if you're wondering why I think it's off of Tokyo Drift... it's based in Tokyo :P

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Oh yeah, there it is.


Looks fairly good, I might look out for it as I have plenty of spending money.. :P

Heh, it's pretty good. The races get a bit repetitive.. as.. most of it's on a highway unless you're drifting or grip racing (Racing on the drift course!) It's got a fairly good amount of mods for the cars.. think there should have been a few more though. Eh well. I think it's PS2 only.. and.. I wouldn't spend more than 30 (USD) on it.. but I've already spent 40.. so meh.. oh well.

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