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Credit carded? Probably but don't know what that means atm. I skate goofy and am mongo so I push right footed while being goofy :/ I look retarded some people say til' we finish a game of skate :P Hate the braggers....

haha sorry about such a late quote, but its funny how you say credit carded and atm in the same sentence for totally different reasons. sorry. back to whatever.... SKATING.

its hard to skate with a backpack on. it messes with your weight.

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well how bout read it again.

i just did a 360 flip with a backpack on. praise me, for i am god.

Haha.. I went to the skatepark again today, a bunch of locals there. Most of them sounded like they were from European countries (the accent)Went decent, I guess.. got a few ollies.. but either didn't get my backfoot on or just tripped off. Better than Monday, definately. I tried to go up a ramp a little bit.. and ofcourse I'm not used to riding switch at all, so my backfoot went out, and the board smashed into my ankle with some of my weight on it D: Pretty lucky I didn't hear a crack or smash.

I've got a looooong time till I get to 3 flips. How long've you been skating?

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I just got back into skating about a year or so....I think. Keeps me on edge.

Yeah, I hate skating with backpacks unless you make it tight but then you look funny :P

Actually it's kind of used for style whenever you have a backpack and you skate, I saw that one of the Characters from THPS2.

Anyways, I'm having work experience in June, man I have to wear a suit on and have to go for a interview on Saturday. I feel scared. :weird:

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Man this is so f***ed up... I must go to a party in about 36 minutes ( unfortunately this is a school party and I must go wheter I want wheter I don`t ) but tomorrow I will have a geography quizz ( My High School`s I don`t-know-how-many-years-since it-was-built Anniversary ) And I must learn all the capital cities from Africa and North America...

BTW, did you knew the capital of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou ? :P

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Ok, i dont understand watcha mean, ya made me just confused, i read it over and over again, but i just get confused...

And i didnt say that i never drink liquid, i said that i BARELY, that means that i dont drink so often...

Good to hear you'r dad's ok, its sad to grow up without a father

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