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Here is summer, today were 30 degrees celsius outside anyways...

I`m pretty happy today because, let me explain,

Man this is so f***ed up... I must go to a party in about 36 minutes ( unfortunately this is a school party and I must go wheter I want wheter I don`t ) but tomorrow I will have a geography quizz ( My High School`s I don`t-know-how-many-years-since it-was-built Anniversary ) And I must learn all the capital cities from Africa and North America...

Yes I quoted myself, yesterday I had many problems on my head but I managed to fix them by today ... Well the party was OK, I went for a beer with my friends and than went to the party, lots of fun, and the athmosphere was awesome ... But I didn`t liked that one of my friends smoked, he is my best friend and I don`t want him to ruin his life because of come cigars... Oh and I was a little drunk at the party but after some dancing, it was almost as I wasn`t...

And that Geography Quizz, my team won the 1st place, we were the youngest team ( we first year of hischool and the others were 1 even 2 years older ), the other teams look was priceless:) "Fortunaely for everything else there is MasterCard" :) . And I`m expecting an A+ this monday from my Geography teacher, I won the 1st place after all...

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I have 15 school days left so 3 weeks and I say: YAY! :D

Yesterday during last block on of my best friends asked me if I wanted to go with him to the hockey game for free and I said sure. His mom has connections with people so she gets free tickets, now it's not for the NHL right now since the season is over but for the WHL Memorial Cup Semi-Final. Only Canadians would know about this but anyways the Vancouver Giants destroyed Plymouth Whalers yesterday 8-1 so I was pretty happy with that. Looking forward to next year when my friend and I will be going to Canucks games too.

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