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Just tell her she isnt your type, or that you arent the right guy for her.

I think he wants to keep her as a friend and such. But eh, looked at your profile. I'd talk to her about it man. Get her alone, and talk to her about it. Be best in person, imo. Let her know how you feel about it, and try to work it out between you two.

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And my GF's real pissed off, i completely ignored her to go out motorbiking with my 'guy - buddies' as she calls them, i think i'll phone her, hopefully she won't be mad

That's woman for you :P

I love them though<3

Tell me about it, and whats more, she buggered off this weekend and left me, i'm gonna miss her... :mellow:

wow, it's just a weekend...lol hehe.

I would post a pic, but she don't like pictures... i don;'t get why anyone would be...

But i'll post the long and winding story of how it started.

Ages ago, like a year and a half ago, when i got the bus to school (now i ride), me and my mate lee used to get of different busses. One day, i decided to get on lee's bus instead, 'cause all the people on my bus were bastards anyway. I was chattin to this girl,(jess) just, not chattin to her, or chattin her up, but in a group kinda thing.... Then the summer holidays came and went, and i started back at school.. they Imessed around with the bus system loads, so me and lee was different busses again, shortly before the winter holidays, i became freinds with this girl called becky, (who lee asked out but got rejected by for some other guy called sam, sam and becky have been going 2 years now...) So, having now befreinded this girl in my year becky, and already being friends with lee, i once again started to get on the same bus as both of them, cos all the people on my bus were (still) jackasses...

As time went on, i realised i really like becky's younger sister, jess :wub: hehe....

I liked jess, she didn't know, she liked me, i didn't think she did (oh, the cliche!), but as a guy , i fear rejection... so i didnt ask her out. She though i was too good for her and that nothing would ever come of mwe and her, so she went out with a guy called jamie, who dumped jess when she confronted him about the fact he loved his xbox more than he loved her. lol. After he dumped her, i became really protective over jess, because jamie acted like a twat towrds her.. Then becky started to think.... :erm:

She confronted me multiple times about whether i like dher little sister ( a no - go zone really), and i bare - facedly denied it, again, and again, and again, then once when i was drunk and nearly admitted it. >.<

Then, this guy matt, who is / was one of like my best mates, started to like jess, he was being a stereotypical guy. Dont look kids....

( . Y . )

So.. i thought. 'screw it',

I kept telling jess that i 'needed to talk to her' when no -one else was around, she thought i wanted to ask her best mate out.... called kat. I didn't. She's catholic,. not really my thing, y'know lads? hehe. lee asjed cat out some weeks later, byut that's awhole other story of rejection..... lol

My mates chris and catherine were coming round to mine that day anyway, (tuesday 13 march 2007) so chris said he'd make sure me and jess were conveniently left alone so i could ask her out. Before this, i admitted to becky that i liked her sister and then she told her, which kinda killed the surprise, but who cares? she liked me anyways...

***Back in the present: lol she just texted me....***

So yeah, chris and such 'went away' after we all got off the bus, i walked jess home and the dialogue went something like this:

Me: Jess, y'know a couple of weeks ago, i said i wanted to talk to you about sommethin'...

Jess: Yeah...

Me: Well, the thing is , i kinda....

Jess: Yeah,becky told me...*giggle*

Me:OH... Well you know how i feel, so.....

Jess: Does this mean you're officially asking me out?

Me: well, yeah....?

Jess: Does that mean i can officialy say yes?

Me: Course...

*HUG* and ........ you need not know....., though you can guess.... :whistle:

I say , bye, love you and all that shit to her, and 'cos chris and catherine were still round, i had to leave her.... :(

Then we watched a DVD and i couldn't cocentrate for the rest of the day....

So here we are, almost 3 months later (3 months in 5 days, though it is nearly tommorow, over in the UK, so more like 4.... 13th June, my brother's birthday... :) )

Sorry for wasting your life. I will shut up now...

Okay, that made no sence, cos everytime i type a certain 4 letter word beginning with f, i chanages it to ' i love'..... will alter now.

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Please don't make a topic about me.

The thing is, we're great friends, since 3rd grade. Now she wants me to be her boyfriend. But I don't, I'm not interested in her like that. I haven't replied yet, but what do I say to her? Shit, this is going to make things totally awkward between us.

Tell her the truth and be nice about it.

Next time she mentions it, just tell her that you really love her as a friend and you really want to keep her as just a friend. Tell her you don't feel the same way and you are flattered that she feels that way about you but say you don't want to ruin a good thing, which is your friendship, by being in a relationship where you don't feel the same way. If she gets upset, give her a few days. If she doesn't ever want to talk to you again, she's a horrible friend.

The main thing is to be honest. Don't tell people what they want to hear. Tell them the truth.

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well, today i had my last exam EVER, which means i don't have to go back to school until i get my results in late august. So, as sod's law states, my bike wouldn't start when i wanted to go home from school <_< , so i recruited a friend of a freind to bump start it for me. Thanks tom! ^_^

So yeah, i should be more active in the coming days/weeks, i ghave been anyway, aiming for the 666th post... hehe:evil:

peace to all!

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OK, what's going on in my life...? Well, on Saturday, i got fully and incomprehensibly OWNED!

OK, here goes...I'm riding down the straighest, widest, quietest country road in the history of the town of Befordshire, UK.

I'm doing about 55mph, coming on for 60 (i'm on a moped, so at about 11 and a half thousand revs.)

My gum is losing its taste... Its a humid day, the road is damp and greasy from precipitation prior to these events. Not great riding conditions...I was hot, sweaty and tired.... I was thirsty... I decided the gum served no purpose other than to make me increasingly hungry, and fail to alleviate my thirst. As on summer afternoons, the insects made an annoying habit of flying into my face as i rode along..... I closed my visor nearly all the way down... leaving a good, 3 centimeter gap, to allow airflow...thats better. I am cocky, and, upon reflection of the statement a freind made the previous week, decide to try to spit my gum from the front of my helmet, through the tiny gap between the chin protector and the visor...


*gum sticks to chin*

*tries to blow it away from chin due to un-confortable-ness*

*visor steams up*

*I swear*


And, i go ass over tit, landing on the very top of my head (the scratches only on the very top of my helmet are a dead giveaway), doing a further roll, through thistles and stinging nettles into a very soggy ditch, which, due to it's overgrown nature, possesed botht the ability to retain moisture (bad) and the ability to cushion my fall (good). I lay, confused, angry, and hurt, trung, and prickled by the wildlife.... I hear the sound of the engine wind slowly down towards 5 thousand revs.... 4000, 3000, 2000, 1000, stall. Ahh, at least the bike won't go anywhere..... phew... I claw myself up the ditch with one glove-less hand, being stung, prickled, and dirtied in the process... i flag down a womanin a renault megane. What does she ask me as she climbs out her car...? 'Are you alright?'


Actually, I replied affirmatively, i forget my exact words...

Well, anyway, another person stops to offer their help. Oh, good, a man.... i sigh with relief, further steaming my helmet, which reminds me of why i crashed.... in fury, i try to forget it, and remove my helmet from my head, i lay it on the floor, remove my remaining glove, and stuff it inside my helmet. I retreive the other form the underbrush, and set it down beside it's freind and my helmet. The guy, who'd pulled up in his drop-top BMW, stepped out of his car, he seemed to be on his way home from work, he bear a smile on his face, he stood tall, wore a pinstrped blue shirt with a pink tie, black trousers, and fancy brown leather shoes. he seemed reluctand to sacrifice the cleanliness of his shoes to help me to get my bike upright. But he did anyway. I looked at the bike as it stood once again... It had seen better days, to say the least.... I wanted to cry... my baby, all scratched, ruined, and had nature clinging from it's once shiny surfaces... I got it back into neutral gear, thanked the man implicitly.... he told me he owned a motorbike, and knew what it was like,both to crash, and see your pride and joy covered in complete shit.... As he and the woman from before continued their travels, i rang my dad to tell him the news.... Wasn't really an interesting conversation, so i wont go into it....

After this, my dad was on his way to pick me up.... so i rang Jess, my GF....

The first thing she did when she answered the phone was tell me she was in a supermarket and couldn't find the mayonnaise... We all have little problems of our own... Don't we? <_ since i promised her wouldn hurt myself she wasn too happy with me... but upon discovering for that one thing forgot to check amidst the chaos passed on news and there was a sigh of releif..... anyway... rest is not really important didn do much exciting afterwards though only time been it tonight pouring rain pitch darknes.. good idea fine my dad an ex mechanic has doing cars bikes within family years after he became truck driver got job done quick few other bits edges in time....>

From this little 'escapade' i have decided, not, like many of you assume, to ride sloer, but to ride at regular pace, but not to chew gum whilst doing so.. and certainly not to expel it from my mouth whilst moving.

Thanks for listening, thought you might all like to know.... hehe


And silberio, i aint makin' a GIF of this one either..... :lol:

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Shit Happens...Thats SO FUCKIN TRUE!!

Lol, but in that case, the promise would be to take as much care of yerself as possible.

7.62mm, my friend told me to tell you guys that he's going, he may never be back, i dont know if here to TGTAP, or ever get on internet at all, he said he got a problem, wich i wont reveal for respect to 'im.

Edited by Silberio Silva Da Great
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