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Sexual Preference

Jezz Torrent


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  1. 1. What is your sexual preference?

    • Straight
    • Gay
    • Bi
    • Not interested in sex or love at all

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all of the people in my class at school are asexuals.


So they just randomly split in half and create identical clones of themselves? Seriously, call fucking nasa.

ROFL, <3

Well 98% of the People in My Class are a Asexual but

2 people in my class act like perverts.(They Watch Porn)

I guess I'm a pervert then too.

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I know the whole age issue thing is going on in another topic, but you're 10. Fair enough, most 10 year olds don't watch porn, but as guys start to hit puberty, stuff like that happens. It's pretty much natural.... and beneficial... it allows you to know what you like durring sex, and what you don't.....

And srsly, call nasa.

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Nothing is wrong with porn, unless it's someone fucking a horse. It's actually a good way for couples to enjoy themselves more, good way for people to learn positions and techniques, etc...

you missed scat off of your list of wrong types of porn *shudders*... oh and mature (by mature i mean 40+)

correct me if i am wrong but asexual, as MLL said, is where you breed by a clone like forming out fo your existing body... or is it like where you dont like either men or women?

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