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Sexual Preference

Jezz Torrent


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  1. 1. What is your sexual preference?

    • Straight
    • Gay
    • Bi
    • Not interested in sex or love at all

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Get a room! thats is what i think when i see people kissing in front of me

Well, it depends really...

If it were two lesbians, I wouldn't mind sitting with them at all as long they mash each others face whilst I'm there. :whistle:

I hear that all the time, gar you men. It does make me laugh that a guy I know says he accepts only lesbians, I said because you like to get off on them. He said yes. Weird.

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People who are supportive of lesbians but against gays are assholes. They just want to watch some girls sucking face. They are probably very insecure about their sexuality, so watching lesbians make them feel more manly. But gays are wrong! They definitely don't accept gay people. They don't even hang with them. No, definitely not. Don't assume they are gay! THEY AREN'T GAY!!!!!

Fucking homophobes.

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lol well gratz on your new life style,I don't like too see guys kissing and it is a little weird being around a gay but i don't judge people at all,its their choice and i support it just not when i am in the same room with two kissing or otherwise,but like most men i do enjoy a good lesbian show

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