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Post pictures of yourself v2.0


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Look guys, I've made a video, i wanna show ya my M16 :P

ZOMG, that thing where the shell's jump out gets stuck, gotta fix it :ph34r:

I like the video, "man" ( that reminds me of GTAplayer which is gone ) ... I like the gun too, who held the camera ? And BTW I like your hair :))) Similar to mine :)

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Ok, here's a picture of me passed out from excessive alcohol consumption in my mate Dav'es bathtub... heh

Things to note:

1) the 'Nintendo Rehabilitation clinic' T-shirt it says 'the first step is admitting you have a problem'

2) The ever - growing puddle of drool seeping from my face....

3) The (sadly) not really visible pen on my face, they gave me glasses, a beard and a mustache, how original <_<

4 The pen on my arm : 'jess rules OK' - strangely, the gay guy who fancies me wrote that... keep you freinds close, and your enemies closer... :evil:

(unless you didn't know, Jess is my GF :wub:)


Lol at my drunken antics

Will post more as i recieve them Via GMail.... ^_^

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