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Ok, here is me, drunk (as promised a while ago!)

OK so....


Me in a bath, passed out drunk...


Me giving olly a hug after he kindly offered to stly my hair for me. The guy in the foreground is joe. He drank half a small bottle of bacardi, and half a pint of greene king IPA ALL NIGHT what a wuss.


My hair actually being styled, courtesy of olly, becky and Chris.... (the gay one)


Olly and beck looking very proud of themselve sfor doing my hair and drawing on my face.. Real mature guys...


Me and chris dancing (some fucked up rave, he was copying me, i was drunk, all went very stupid very quick)


Never again will i direct my hips in the direction of a gay guy, he will never let me live that down.


The morning after (sleep phase - post sleeping in bath, i decided to hug olly, we were both asleep at the time. Oh God.

So yeah, i'm done humiliating myself publically now... :P

Yeas that is a nintendo rehabilitation clinic t-shirt on, reading 'the first step is admitting you have a problem' - How...err...apt.

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