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What GTA game got you into GTA?


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  1. 1. !?!?!?

    • GTA
    • GTA London
    • GTA2
    • GTA3
    • GTA Vice City
    • GTA San Andreas
    • GTA Advance
    • GTA Liberty City Stories

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GTA 3!!!

I was always wishing for a game that would come out that you could just go around free roaming and do what you like :D

When I was like 8, or something, my friend was talking about going in a tank and stuff... So he told me the game name, bought it :D Mom wasn't too happy though. :o

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I was 7. Big cousin was livin with me and he was like 12 or 13 I think. We had a PS2 and he needed a "big boy" game. We looked on EBay and he said GTA3 is supposed to be awesome. We won it and that's where it started. I used to play it for fun and didn't take it seriously. Now I see it's a very serious game if you look at it in a certain way. I know, short sentaces but that's the way I wanted it in this post. Why, it felt like right mood for this certain post.

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Was over at a friend's house in 1998 and his brother rented it, been a GTA fan since. :)

GTAs I have owned/currently own.

GTA 1 (Bought it in 1998 and sold it, with PS1 in early 2005)

GTA 2 (Bought it in 1999 and sold it, with PS1 in early 2005)

GTA 3 (Bought it in early 2002)

GTA VC (Bought it in late 2002)

GTA SA (Bought it in late 2004)

GTA LCS PSP version (Bought it in late 2005)

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I saw my friend plat GTA 3 a few years back, but didn't reli care. then i saw my cousin play SA on his PS2 when i went over for a function... he was flying around LS in a jetpack at nighttime; it just gave me a nice feelin.

Later i bought it and started playin.

it has been nearly 2 years since i bought it and i still love playin it...

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