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What GTA game got you into GTA?


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  1. 1. !?!?!?

    • GTA
    • GTA London
    • GTA2
    • GTA3
    • GTA Vice City
    • GTA San Andreas
    • GTA Advance
    • GTA Liberty City Stories

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The GTA that got me into GTA was GTA Vice City, although im sure it could have also been GTA3. When I first heard of GTA, I heard it had a great idea, free roaming, random crimes, etc but it ddint have the gameplay, graphics or sound to back it up. Then GTA2 came along and I was sure it was crap just like GTA1. Then GTA3 came out and I didnt even bother picking it up, same for Vice City. So it was chirstmas and I got some games for my PS2, one of them, GTA Vice City. I thought it was just like GTA1 but I decided to pick it up and read the back of te cover and noticed 3D pictures, wtf!?!? I popped it in and was amazed, the next day I bought GTA3. GTA wasnt even the same GTA it started out with, it was an entirely new game.

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I had the first GTA's for PS1 and at the time I liked them a lot. Then I got bored and stopped playing them. and then come 2002 my older friend (I was 9 at the time) showed me GTA3 (I know it came out 2001 but friend got it in 2002), I was amazed and now was pulled back into GTA. In 2003 for my birthday I got an Xbox and right away bought the double pack and played Vice City first until I beat it (I played it before somewhere in an internet cafe or something and like it better than GTA3). So I guess I have been with GTA from the beginning and will be there 'til the end.

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. My 9 year old brother ( lol ), and my friend went to Blockbuster while I was at my dad's house. I came home, and I started playing. I got all the wanted stars, and there was Police Cars chasing me. I thought this was the best game ever. So, then - I got San Andreas. And I enjoyed playing GTA ever since. :blush:

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To be honest, it had to be the first game. It was a fantastic idea, although it wasnt executed as good as it could have been. The sequels built on that and made it even better, with gangs to join, or not, and the freedom you had to do what you wanted. It was a breath of fresh air that has spawned many copycats that barely touch GTA3, let alone san andreas.

That, and the unique style it has. It doesnt go for realism (the getaway and saints row, I'm looking at you) it just sticks to its own style and no other game comes close.

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The first GTA I played was GTA 1 and I thought it was the coolest game ever at the time. Then I saw a review of GTA 3 a couple years later and thought I had to buy it.

I did and although it was great it wasn't until a friend gave me a :cough: copy :cough: of Vice City that I really became interested. I had seen reviews in NAG and got all amped.

So although GTA 1 played a part and Vice City that cemented my love for the GTA series it was GTA 3 that roped me in first.

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