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Favourite Song


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Well there are many musics that I like, but this one is special, I almost cry when I listen to it

There's also this one, pretty good actually. Actually, it reminds me of someone... :hurrhurr:

Now this one is awesome. Awesome B)

Anyways, there's plenty of music I like. But these are my favorites (except for November Rain, ain't one of my favorites, but, well... Who here never fell in love?)

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One of my favorite song's at the moment have to be Little lion man - mumford and son's

Mumford and son's is a folk rock band came out not long ago, come from london and are EPIC.. Beautiful lyrics.. And seeing as the lion is the symbol for england little lion man make's me think about alot of things i think about already, about how england is such a shit hole now, I will be proud of my country til i die.. But England is shit, no doubt about it.. I hate everything, i want to move country cus its so shit.. But I love my country so much, it deserves so much better!

Seriously though, best band to come out in YEARS, mumford and sons should be up their with pink floyd and the beatles.. THEY ARE THAT GOOD.. They speak from the heart! It make's me wish i was born in a different era of England, my best mate is moving to Canada soon and i don't know how im going to cope without him, this country is such a shit hole and he's the only real friend i've ever had in the past years :( This song's to you buddy!

Little lion man - Mumford and son's - greatest current English folk band EVER

I hope they make it in America.. They deaserve all the fame and money, so talented!


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You can't just come along.. and post shit a loud of bands.. Im trying to talk about ONE band that i really LOVE

Don't steal my lime light dude..lol im trying to make more Americans aware of a beatiful band that deaserve to make it up there with the BIG name's.. Such as matellica.... u put "metaliica - ALL SONGS" wtf? damn american with ur damn good american bands :P

But yeah.. Favorite metallica song


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Haha but i love the beatles the most and they are'nt americans lol :)

i know but beatles are hella old.. Mumford and son's are really new but take an old approach and they really do deaserve the same kind of fame worldwide that the beatles accoplished.. They are godly!

But as of now, i cant stop listening to linkin park.. Another band which I have loved since they first formed


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like.. In the end must be one of my fav linkin park songs.. Simply because it relates to one self.. Look at lyrics for in the end, and most people can relate to the lyrics, i know i sure as hell can.. But sometimes u just wanna listen to kick ass songs... I listen to alot of metal, mushroom head tool ect. sometimes i just listen to bands cus its trippy as shit and it great for my wasted-ness.. other times ij ust relate the lyrics to my life.. Music = Art, and i grew up on metal.. Metal, pretty much... Is American.... I cant even think of a heavy metal band that isnt from the good ol'e U.S but it originated from old classic rock such as black sabbath which is british

But i tend to like the chilled out, sometimes depresseding music

Imo, system of a down's version of snow blind is WAY better then black sabbath's ORIGINAL version.. But pink floyd's version of brick in the wall is LOADS better the Korn's.. Even tho korn's is pretty sweet but u cant beat the original.,, and Everybody knows England And America are the main culture when it comes to Music, Films ect.

Two greatest countries in the world... England and the U,S

But tbh, england is shit.. im somewhat ashamed to be an englishmen, I rather be american or canadian any day which makes me so depressed, i really do feel like i was born in the wrong era... If i was born in the 70's... Life would be wonderful.. Life is shit

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