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Best Writing  

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  1. 1. Best Writing

    • E.J.
    • Cubanwhip
    • Chris
    • Spaz The Great
    • Gerard

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Yeah, I mean I should start posting my story here, just can't find a place to post it. I could provide a link, but I don't want to advertise or nothing. I'll just say it's probably the most popular story on gtaforums.

EDIT: Yeah, maybe I will start posting my story if I win best writer, or just start posting during the final hours of voting to win over some people. ^_^

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Let's not start a flamewar people. Cause I can alreayd tell where it's gonna go. It's gonna be a fight between quality posts and stories in other forums. As far as I know, 'writing' here means the quality and I guess quantity of your posts. So my story, unless posted, does not count as 'writing' even though in the Real World, it would be, but on this forum, or should I say GtaForums, it has no value. So if I could, I would withdraw my vote and put it on Gerard, because after the posts I have seen of his, they are indeed paragraphs.

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This is just about the best writing (in both senses) on these forums this year. Interpret that how you will, but I'm not gonna go running round going "vote for me" - not intentionally anyway. This is going to be quite close... Cubanwhip is leading the way at the moment with me 2nd and poor neglected Chris trailing behind.

Cubanwhip, I think you should post your works round here somewhere, I haven't read any I'm afraid. If anybody wants to see some of my essays posts, try How to install a car mod, SA Modding Guide.

Nothing like a shameless bit of self promotion to see out 2006 :D

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I have barely seen E.J.

Haven't read much of Cubanwhip's stuff at all.

Spaz, Chris and Gerard are all pretty good writers.

Spaz - Less but more humourous.

Chris - It's kind of his job, and is more formal.

Gerard - A good mix with plenty of quality and length. (Those guides are great too)

I'll go with Gerard.

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