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Raymond was a noob who annoyed TGTAP with his annoying posts and his racist and sexist attitude, now banned from the forum he has dedicated to raping the souls of young girls from cartoon shows ever since.

Now 5 years on and he has been released from Sex Jail for over 3956 cases of rape, 2 cases of attempted rape, over 30000 cases of murder and 3 cases of attempted murder.

It is rainy and dark, Raymond looks like a fat pervert and is wearing nothing but his pants, his biggest enemy Alucardo is responsible for one of his brutal rapes being stopped before it happened properly, and he will not let the vampire get away with it.

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...Raymond then hires Connor to help him kill Alucardo, little does he know, Connor doesn't like him at all. Connor and Raymond approach Alucardo in a disused building, Connor then shifts to Alucardo's side, while putting a gun to Raymond's head, "BANG" the gun goes, and Raymond's head hits the floor like a water melon, pouring out his precious mind-juices, *Connor and Alucardo laugh*. The world is once again ridden from that fat rapist pervert named Raymond, permanently.

The end.

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