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An apple a day keeps Raymond away :)

I saw a banana between two large melons :D


after howrs of reserch and pulling my penis hairs out, while constantly pikin my noes and eatin it, i found a secret cutscene wen luke valentine raeps frida suarez from el tiggre wen shes 15. OMG dat wuz disgusting and DESBICIBLE, now i despise luke and i wank of to da bit wen alucards helhound eats him after blowin his legs!!!!!!!

Translated from Noobspeak to English...


After hours of research and pulling my penis hairs out, while constantly picking my nose and eating it, I found a secret cutscene when Luke Valentine rapes Frida Suarez from El Tigre when shes 15. That was disgusting and despicable, now I despise Luke and I laugh to the bit when Alucards hellhound eats him after blowing his legs off!

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